Sticks & Stones
To those who would hurl sticks and stones, remember the words of your leader: "It's important for those of us who value democracy to promote an independent media." - Dubya, Moscow, Russia, May 24, 2002
[CAUTION] Some of the e-mails cited on Sticks & Stones are not suitable for viewing by children.

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Comment: Your website is kinda sucky. I hate George W. Bush just as much as anyone else (well, half of america [sic], anyway). But your website is bland and not very funny. A meager attempt at a Bush bash. www.DubyaSays.com is a lot better.
DubyaSpeak.com: These comments seem to be directed as 1) a cheap attempt at free advertising for DubyaSays.com, 2) an effort to suggest that DubyaSpeak.com is a faint photocopy of other Bushism sites (a notion which anyone who spent more than about 30 seconds visiting DubyaSpeak.com and its independently-collected stockpile of quotes would certainly dispute), or 3) just a generally mean-spirited desire to rain on our parade here. To be honest, I don't care enough to try to figure out which answer is the right one, but congratulations! You have succeeded in encouraging the creation of a brand new Sticks & Stones category! Woohoo!

Comment: I enjoy your site but find the captions' commentary to [sic] add an element of bias that seems to obscure the context in which they were said. The quotes alone are more than enough to get the point across, and don't need extra input from the author of the site.
DubyaSpeak.com: I'm sorry you don't enjoy the additional info and commentary provided for each quote, but there is one obvious solution for you if you don't like reading them: Don't read them. In addition, I have to tell you that I completely disagree with your contention that the commentary obscures the context of the statements. If anything, they help provide context that might otherwise be missed. But again, if you don't like them, don't read them. I wholeheartedly agree that Dubya on his own can be sufficiently entertaining, but you can also safely bet that the editorial policy of this site will not be changing anytime soon.

Comment: Your comments below the quotes only state the obvious, detracting from the humor of our leader's stupidity.
DubyaSpeak.com: I disagree.

Comment: Don't get me wrong, I'm not a bush [sic] fan by any stretch. However, I am from England, and over there you ALL have a reputation for having screwed up the 'English' language. French and Spanish are as closely linked as English and American. So make sure you're speaking the language correctly yourself before criticising others for their mistakes and malapropisms.
DubyaSpeak.com: 1) Are you going to cite any meaningful examples in support of your critique? 2) If you're going to claim that the Canadians cannot have their own dialect of French, and that the Mexicans cannot have their own dialect of Spanish, and that the Brazilians cannot have their own dialect of Portuguese, then I guess what you're trying to say might have logical consistency, if nothing else. 3) Since the editorial voice of this site is presented exclusively in written form, there is no relevance to your point regarding "speaking" before criticizing. 4) In the U.S. we spell "criticizing" with a "z" (pronounced "zee", not "zed"). I hope you can wrap your mind around that without losing too much sleep.

We aren't 100% sure that this person actually dislikes Dubya, but since he went to the trouble of writing in and attempting to correct us, we had to put him somewhere...
Comment: I have noticed that you tend to use the word "magnet" (a chunk of ferrous metal which has been given a magnetic field) in place of the word "magnate" (a person or thing of great influence), when referring to schools. This is very funny, considering that this site is all about language flubs. Despite the irony, you may wish to correct this error.
DubyaSpeak.com: Before you try tearing us down for misuse of language, you may want to make sure you know what you're talking about. For your reading pleasure: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnet_school

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