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I know the only way to defeat this ideology is with a better ideology, based upon freedom and human rights and dignity human dignity. And it's it hasn't been an easy period of time for a lot of people I know that. But I feel strongly in a heart of hearts that the decisions we have made will make it easier for our grandchildren to look back at this point to grow up in a peaceful and look back and say, thank goodness these people had the courage of their convictions.
That's a new one... Lyngby, Denmark, Jul. 6, 2005

She's referring to the fact that my Attorney General, longtime friend, a guy who was my close when I was the governor of Texas, came up to Washington with me as part of the movement of Texans south to north during the government.
Dubya "explains" a question from an American reporter about the potential nomination of Alberto Gonzales to the Supreme Court, Lyngby, Denmark, Jul. 6, 2005

We are thankful for our freedom, the freedom declared by the founding fathers, defended by many generations and granted to each one of us by Almighty God.
Offering his own brand of constitutional theory, President's Radio Address, Jul. 6, 2002

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