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MARIA BARTIROMO (CNBC): I'm curious, have you ever Googled anybody? Do you use Google?
DUBYA: Uhh, occasionally. One of the things I've used on The Google is, uhh, to pull up maps.
The Google, available on the Internets. White House, Oct. 23, 2006

Americans will go to the polls in a time of war and ongoing threats any unlike we have seen before.
As usual, you know what he was supposed to say, right? Lakeland, Florida, Oct. 23, 2004

I love free speech.
Dubya's comment upon being challenged by an Australian Senator during his speech at a joint session of the Australian parliament, and as the Senator was being asked to leave the premises. In case you're wondering, the White House condenses the content of the senator's free speech to two words: "audience interruption". Canberra, Australia, Oct. 23, 2003

[Australian] Prime Minister [John Howard] was a distinguished visitor of ours in Crawford, Texas, at our ranch. You might remember that I called him a man of steel. That's Texan for "fair dinkum."
"Fair dinkum" is typically understood as meaning "genuine" or "fair", but apparently Texans express that sentiment with the phrase "man of steel" (??!?) Canberra, Australia, Oct. 23, 2003

REPORTER: Mr. President, have you been tested for anthrax?
DUBYA: I don't have anthrax.
REPORTER: So you've been tested, sir?
DUBYA: I don't have it.
Dubya demonstrating how not to answer a question, White House, Oct. 23, 2001

I don't want nations feeling like that they can bully ourselves and our allies. I want to have a ballistic defense system so that we can make the world more peaceful, and at the same time I want to reduce our own nukyular capacities to the level commiserate with keeping the peace.
Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 23, 2000

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