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Like Prime Minister Abbas, Prime Minister Sharon is demonstrating that he's a partner committed to reaching a peace settlement. I welcome these announcements from Israel. And I look forward to seeing Prime Minister Sharon on his visit to Washington next week. Together, these leaders can bring a bright future to both their people.
There he goes again, White House, Jul. 25, 2003

And so, but these are all difficult issues. By the way, we are now discussing them, now, in a frank way which is progress unto itself.
Pretty disjointed, even for Dubya, White House, Jul. 25, 2003

Security is the essential roadblock to achieving the road map to peace.
I would have thought "insecurity" would be the roadblock, but go figure, White House, Jul. 25, 2003

He [the Palestinian Finance Minister] told me he would put the budget of the Palestinian Authority on the Web page, and he did, which means he's a man of his word.
It's way easier to be considered a man of your word in Dubya's universe than I ever imagined, White House, Jul. 25, 2003

I love coming to North Carolina. It's a fabulous state, full of fabulous people.
Greensboro, North Carolina, Jul. 25, 2002

When you have your own money, it means you've got more money to spend.
Well, not necessarily... Greensboro, North Carolina, Jul. 25, 2002

I understand there's a lot of small business owners who are worried about your business, and I don't blame you.
A little subject disagreement here, Eagar, Arizona, Jul. 25, 2002

Anybody who goes into court and wins their case ought to get full economic damages. At the same time, we must prevent excessive awards that drive up costs, encourage frivolous lawsuits, and promote drawn-out legal proceedings. And that is why we need a reasonable federal limit on non-economic damages awarded in medical liability lawsuits, and the reasonable limit in my judgment ought to be $250,000.
No explanation was provided why Dubya's judgment (and magic number) should supplant the judgment of individual states, but there it is (also note that on this day, Dubya participated in a fund raiser for Elizabeth Dole that garnered a "reasonable" $400,000, and the American taxpayer paid for half the trip since Dubya gave this medical reform speech in addition to the fundraising), Greensboro, North Carolina, Jul. 25, 2002

We just had a fantastic and very interesting discussion about problems that affect patients patients in North Carolina, health care patients in Nevada, problems that affect our docs. ...Health care costs are up because docs are worried about getting sued and, therefore, oftentimes prescribe unnecessary and costly treatments. ... Because of the system, insurers no longer insure docs. ...And if docs don't practice medicine, it's hard to have good health care. ...[Jill Barnes is] eight weeks pregnant. She talks about the inability to find a doc. ...Lauri Peel had trouble finding a doc when she moved to Raleigh, because a lot of the practices were full. ...Lauri's looking for a doc right now.
Displaying an insatiable penchant for calling doctors "docs", Greensboro, North Carolina, Jul. 25, 2002

But the best way to protect the homeland is to hunt the killers down one by one and bring them to justice, and that's what this government is going to do.
Maybe it's just me, but is seems like the best way to "hunt the killers" would be to hunt them down all at the same time instead of one by one, but of course the killers all died on Sept. 11, so the whole proposition is moot anyway, Greensboro, North Carolina, Jul. 25, 2002

[Jane Lambert] has been working hard to make people's lives better. It didn't require a government law saying, Jane, you will help people in need. It required a good heart.
Glad he cleared that up, because otherwise I would have supposed the government ordered her to be nice, Greensboro, North Carolina, Jul. 25, 2002

See, one of the interesting things that's happening in this country is that people understand that to be a patriotic citizen no longer means putting your hand over your heart and by the way, saying, "one nation, under God". ...But being a patriot means you're willing to help a neighbor in need, to serve something greater than yourself in life. That's what a patriot is.
Dubya surprisingly admitting that the Pledge of Allegiance is not a litmus test for patriotism, Greensboro, North Carolina, Jul. 25, 2002

I'd probably say foolish things.
When asked what would happen if he took a drink today, apparently without any intended sarcasm, Washington Post, Jul. 25, 1999

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