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Our most abundant energy source is coal. We have enough coal to last for 250 years, yet coal also prevents an environmental challenge.
Dubya blows his lines and doesn't notice, Washington, D.C., Apr. 20, 2005

The thing about the Hispanic community that I know well I was taught this by a lot of my friends in Texas is that the entrepreneurial spirit is strong in the Latino community.
That's what he knows well, White House, Apr. 20, 2005

I like the idea of people growing corn that gets converted into energy. Somebody walks into the Oval Office and says, there's a lot of corn being grown, Mr. President. Hopefully, that one day will mean we're less dependent on foreign sources of energy. The more corn there is, the more we have to eat. The more corn there is, the more energy there is.
Dubya goes corn loco in speech to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Conference, Washington, D.C., Apr. 20, 2005

See, when they say, Deputy Attorney General, it means he's the number two guy at the Justice Department. He's the chief he was the chief operating officer of the Justice Department. He was there when he heard the command given that we're at war.
Apparently Dubya can just command us into war. Whatever happened to Congress declaring war? And what's the deal with defining the meaning of Deputy Attorney General for everyone? Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

Let me let me say something about the FBI. Pete's boss is Bob Mueller. He's now the Director of the FBI. Mueller is doing a fabulous job.
Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

There is no doubt in my mind that this country cannot achieve any objective we put our mind to.
Oops. Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

Frank was a paratrooper. In those days you could measure the enemy by the number of battalions and number of tanks and number of airplanes. Now the enemy hides in caves. They lurch in the shadows of the world.
They lurch? Ummm, okay. Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

The enemy can't stand the thought of free societies. That's why they attacked us, see.
Dubya's starting to sound like he's been watching old gangster movies, Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

Roving wiretaps were available for chasing down drug lords. They weren't available for chasing down terrorists, see?
See what I mean? Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

Thirdly, to give you an example of what we're talking about, there's something called delayed notification warrants. Those are very important. I see some people, first responders nodding their heads about what they mean.
Close enough, I guess. Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

Well, the key thing on the North Korea agenda is that China is assuming a very important responsibility, and that is that they will confirm that which work toward that which Jiang Zemin told me in Crawford, right around the corner here, that China's policy is for a nukyular weapons free Peninsula.
Fort Hood, Texas, Apr. 20, 2003

They're good, strong, men. It's an amazing experience, when you think about it. Here we are, Easter, the great one of the great religious holidays, and these guys arrived last night might have actually arrived Easter day. I don't know if it was exactly midnight, or a little after midnight.
Failing to make sense as he discusses Easter and the POW homecoming, Fort Hood, Texas, Apr. 20, 2003

Well, you know, they were first of all, they were the encouraging people. They were the ones who offered encouragement. I was, believe this or not, somewhat taken aback when I was in their presence. And these guys were so uplifting and so positive, and so obviously thrilled to be here. They got in last night at midnight. They can speak for themselves. I think you can speak for yourselves. At least you did in my presence.
Dubya eloquently sums up the moment for the newly returned POWs, Fort Hood, Texas, Apr. 20, 2003

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