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If you look at the organizational structure of Al Qaeda right after September the 11th and look at it today, you'll see a lot of people have been brought to justice Khalid Shaykh Muhammad, al Libbi. I mean, there's a series of these folks that had been plotting and planning and ordering attacks.
He absolutely cannot resist calling terrorists "folks", Washington, D.C., Sep. 22, 2005

That's what in other words, they have a strategy. We understand that. And we have a strategy. And part of the strategy is to call free nations together to form a coalition, to share information and to find people before they hurt.
What's Dubya planning to do to those unhurt people? Washington, D.C., Sep. 22, 2005

So that's how I view the 59th session of the U.N. General Assembly. It's an honor to be here. It's great to see mis amigos, my friends.
I don't know why Dubya had to toss a Spanish phrase into an address given to a multinational audience of various heads of state, but there it is. New York, New York, Sep. 22, 2004

If I may have your attention for a second. First, I want to thank Governor Warner for his hospitality and leading this important state through Hurricane Isabel.
Speaking about the "important state of Virginia", Richmond, Virginia, Sep. 22, 2003

I do think it would be helpful to get the United Nations in to help write a constitution. I mean, they're good at that.
Dubya finds something complimentary to say about the UN, interview broadcast on Fox Broadcast Network, Sep. 22, 2003

There's a lot of neighborliness taking place in the state of Virginia and North Carolina and Maryland, where if somebody hurts and somebody's lonely, somebody needs help is finding refuge and solace because a fellow citizen has taken it upon him or herself to help somebody in need.
A fresh dose of verbal wreckage offered to the Virginia State Police Academy, Richmond, Virginia, Sep. 22, 2003

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