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To those who would hurl sticks and stones, remember the words of your leader: "It's important for those of us who value democracy to promote an independent media." - Dubya, Moscow, Russia, May 24, 2002
[CAUTION] Some of the e-mails cited on Sticks & Stones are not suitable for viewing by children.

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Comment: Why don't you infidels [sic] liberal commie socialists get a life and leave our President alone [sic]. Could you imagine if [expletive] Gore was siting [sic] in washington [sic] rite [sic] now? DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS - LET ALONE A TEXAN !!!
DubyaSpeak.com: Don't mess your undies when forced to confront the sheer volume of evidence which shows Dubya has yet to master the English language. Being from Texas has no bearing on that fact whatsoever.

Comment: Being from the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS has everything to do with it! You mess with one of us you mess with us all. What: [sic] your [sic] probably from one of those leftist, pinko, commie, homo loving liberal states like California, Oregon, New York, or Mass. George is a Mans [sic] Man. George speaks from the heart not a handler!!! Let me guess you wish Clinton was still in office. Get a life !!!
DubyaSpeak.com: I'm not the one emailing a web site creator whom you have no chance of converting to your cause, which I presume has something to do with demonstrating the superiority of Texas, and beating up gay people. Talk about wasting your time.

Comment: [expletive] you [expletive]holes. He's my president and you are nothing but a bunch of pissants [sic] setting up a website.And by the way, I'm a registered Democrat for (would you believe) 50 years. You have to live here for quite a time before you recognize those individuals who really love their country as opposed to those who are just in it to screw the people!
DubyaSpeak.com: No, I wouldn't believe that you've been a registered Democrat for 50 years, but to be honest, I don't care. Why is that? Well, it might have something to do with your choice of greeting ("f--k you a--holes"). You, sir, are a class act.

This next one isn't an email, but rather taken from a hate-oriented web site (complete with references to "n-gg-rs", Arabs and Asians, and other groups that the site's creator likes to rail against). Pretty disgusting. That's why I'm not bothering with a link to it. Here's his review of DubyaSpeak, though:
Comment: DubyaSpeak.com - Ummmmm, have you guessed that this is a wacko, lib-dem website [sic]. Yuk. Pass the C4 and Anthrax Spores, Quincy.
DubyaSpeak.com: Yes, the only people entitled to live on this planet are people who think exactly like you do. I guess I should be glad not to have been on the receiving end of one of your more virulent rants, such as: "Screw the legislature-court-mandated PC crap from the bed-wetting, hand-wringing, whining liberals, democRATs, deviant lesbians and degenerate f-gg-ts who push that corrupt, pathetic, patronizing, government and court-ordered junk/cr-p/sh-t on a daily basis, for both fun and profit." Yes, you're quite a frustrated man. All I can say is if you have a girlfriend, stop beating her, and if you have a boyfriend, you don't need to feel guilty about it.

Comment: [expletive] you, you liberal communist mother[expletive]. You don't have a rational explanation for your [expletive] website other than the fact that you are Socialist mother[expletive] traitor.
DubyaSpeak.com: Call me biased, but I'm pretty sure that the only rational party to this conversation is myself. And contrary to your suggestion, I'm not a communist or a socialist, but if you want to call me liberal, I'll take that as a compliment.

Comment: Thank God you liberal f-gg-ts aren't running the country you [sic] have already gotten 3000 innocent Americans killed. If Al "treasonous" Gore was President we would all be speaking arabic [sic]. You Anti-American [sic] idiots should just leave the country and or [sic] just croak.
DubyaSpeak.com: Okay. Let's run down the list of nonsensical suppositions and illogical statements you've made in this very short (yet highly ignorant) rant: (1) All liberals are homosexuals who are deserving of ridicule, (2) liberals are responsible for the 9/11 attacks, (3) Dubya managed to keep Arab speakers from taking over the country, and apparently Al Gore wouldn't have, (4) for portraying Dubya in a critical light, this site is anti-American. Gee, I hate to tell you the obvious, but it appears that you need to hear it: You are 100% completely wrong on all of the above. So wrong that I am nearly certain that there is no hope for you whatsoever. But I'd be happy for you to prove me wrong.

Comment: dude [sic], why the hell are you being so gay? Bush AND Dan Quail [sic] are/were excellent officers of our executive branch. YOU have simply bought into the media's annoyance at both. First of all, the news media is CLEARY [sic] democratic [sic]. A republican [sic] president is their favorite target, whether he speaks perfect oxford [sic] english [sic] or not. Secondly, the myth that Bush is a 'stupid texan [sic]' is just that. He comes from a long and respectable CONNETICUIT [sic] family. Not Texas. And now for our friend Dan Quail [sic]. Prior to Dan Quail's [sic] appointment as Vice President, the news media made many guesses as to who the new VP would be. They were indeed quite certain that it could only be one of the few they put forward. When, instead, Dan Quail [sic] was appointed, the news media was obviously embarrased, and therefore angered, making him their target. SO, if you would like to be one of the thousands of moronic, retarded sheep, who see actors impersonating our president on Saturday Night Live, then by all means, support this nobel [sic] website and all that it stands for. After all, we must defend our rights to free speech. This website is doing so, as am I. I have no problems with either. HOWEVER, we can only assume, that this website will find problem with both. First, in that i [sic] can reasonably assume that this will not be printed. Secondly, in their attacks upon our president. By removing the tyrant saddam [sic], our country stands a greater chance of prospering, and maintaining its current rights. But hey, if you want to allow despotic governments to run wild and unchecked, then by all means, attack our president, and convert more sheep to your cause. After all, its a free country.   right? [sic]
DubyaSpeak.com: First off, your blatant misspelling, all in caps, of Connecticut made me wonder if this was sent in as a joke, but until I receive notice otherwise, I'll respond to this lengthy tome as if it were sent in seriously. Sorry about all of the "[sic]" notations, but I have a thing about people who inconsistently capitalize words that require capitalization. I wanted to put notations after your usages of "gay" and "retarded", too, but this is more an issue of tact rather than diction, isn't it? Also, just in case you didn't know, the Vice President is an elected official just like the President is, not an appointed official, as you suggest. Now, regarding the points you try to make regarding the "liberal press" and their agenda, I have to declare myself in complete disagreement. Dan Quayle was an embarrassment all by himself. Perhaps Dubya's daddy did choose him to spite the press, but that isn't why we found him incredibly humorous. We found him incredibly humorous because he said things like "Republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child" (Oct. 10, 1988) and "Welcome to President Bush, Mrs. Bush, and my fellow astronauts" (Jul. 20, 1989). As for the liberal press, regardless of whether it ever existed in the past -- which is doubtful -- it sure doesn't exist today. The amount of time spent on Monica Lewinsky alone is evidence of that. The current mainstream media are about the laziest bunch of people I've ever seen. And the White House press corps absolutely worships Dubya, lest they lose their access. Lastly, I have yet to see any connection with the ousting of Saddam Hussein and the continued enjoyment of freedom. Nor can you seriously claim that lampooning Dubya in any way allows despotic governments to run wild. Quite the contrary. DubyaSpeak's very existence acts in a small way to stem the tide of a unilateralist administration which acts without serious scrutiny. I have to say that you, my friend, sound like the sheep, buying into whatever Dubya has to say as if it were the Gospel itself. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Comment: I think your website sucks, and anyone could replicate this type of BS about any previous president. Websites like you [sic] are destroying the rep. of a good man. You [sic] telling me Bill Clinton was any better, how about Reagan. [sic] Maybe you need to reflect on the past before you judge the present. People that are pissed off about the war on iraq [sic] need to wake up and smell the coffee. Maybe you should cuddle up with Michael Moore as he probably needs some new material as [sic] the suck [expletive] movie he made had barely any. Have fun making a living at following the presidents [sic] every move for the next 4 years. Go Bush!
DubyaSpeak.com: As hard as it might be for you to believe, Dubya is a remarkably poor public speaker, indeed much worse than any other President in the last 30 years. I'm not sure what Michael Moore and the invasion of Iraq have to do with this conversation, but I'll let that slide. I don't doubt the sincerity of your love for dear old Dubya, but I do think you view him with a massive set of blinders on, which prevents you from realizing or admitting to the fact that he's a bit of a goof.

Comment: I am voting for Bush and find your website disgusting.
DubyaSpeak.com: I'm just trying to figure out why you came to this site in the first place. Was "We Record the Damage" too subtle for you? All I can say is if you don't like the truth, there are a number of places I could suggest which don't bother reporting it, but my guess is that you are probably already familiar with them.

Comment: Do you realize that half of your page is rejected with a little research?
(1) http://www.snopes.com/photos/binoculars.asp
(2) http://www.snopes.com/quotes/brazil.htm
(3) http://www.snopes.com/quotes/candidate.asp
DubyaSpeak.com: You might want to READ the items on Snopes before sending them in as evidence of "half of our page" being in error (half of what page, I do not know, but with quotes comprising tens of pages of content, it seems that these items don't amount to half of anything). However, for your reference, allow me to address the three points you raise here: (1) As you can see, Snopes has ruled the binocular incident "Undetermined" rather than "False". There is a difference. (2) As you can see, Snopes has also ruled the Brazil incident "Undetermined" rather than "False". There is indeed a difference. (3) None of the quotes found on that Snopes page are featured on DubyaSpeak, so you're barking up the wrong tree there. And actually, just so you know, I have periodically sent emails to the webmasters of sites which feature these repurposed Quayle quotes, attributing them alternately to Al Gore, Dubya, John Kerry, John McCain, etc., as it is precisely these kinds of sites which act to discredit organizations like DubyaSpeak who thoroughly review the accuracy of their content, and allow people like you to try to bury the truth.

Comment: This is a [expletive] up website. If you dont [sic] like the president or the government... or should I say our great country then move the [expletive] away cause America doesnt [sic] need low life Americans such as yourselves. I hope to god [sic]... thats [sic] right, GOD, Jeb runs in 08 and beats Hillary by so much. [expletive] all you hater democrats [sic]/ liberal/ anarchist/ lowlife americans [sic] that dont [sic] know what to call yourselves. I hope you get sued for all the bull[expletive] you have for people to see.
DubyaSpeak.com: I think it would be pretty hard to launch a successful lawsuit against a website which is merely reporting the truth as it spews out of the President's mouth. What would be the grounds? More to the point, why is it that you cannot handle a fellow American who doesn't see things like you? Why is it that your type always suggest patriotic people such as myself must leave my own country? It really makes no sense. Anyway, just in case you're wondering, I'm not going anywhere. And as a bonus, I'll share a little trivia with you. Did you know that Jeb isn't Dubya's brother's given name, but rather his initials? His given name is John Ellis Bush. JEB Bush (= John Ellis Bush Bush) is the political world's equivalent of the "RV Vehicle" or the "ATM Machine". If you're going to back him (because everything Bush is holy?), I figured you should at least know that little fact.

Comment: Who is putting up the money for your garbage website?
DubyaSpeak.com: I am. Out of my own pocket... You're welcome.

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