Sticks & Stones
To those who would hurl sticks and stones, remember the words of your leader: "It's important for those of us who value democracy to promote an independent media." - Dubya, Moscow, Russia, May 24, 2002
[CAUTION] Some of the e-mails cited on Sticks & Stones are not suitable for viewing by children.

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Comment: you know...why dont [sic] you guys just get a life. [sic] U know who i [sic] think is worse than Grorge [sic] W. Bush? John Kerry. All you democrats [sic] want is just to get rid of republicans [sic]. Well you know what, why dont [sic] you just leave the country if you hate the president. [sic] WHo [sic] cares about freedom of speech. [sic] I say u democrats [sic] dont [sic] have any. If i ever see that stupid political canidate [sic] Kerry at my door, I sware [sic] i'll call the cops. I sware [sic], You democrats [sic] have no life. All you want to do is help the non producers. You know what? FOrget [sic] about them. They dont [sic] deserve ANYTHING, hence the name NON-PRODUCER. and [sic] you know what, Quit [sic] raising taxes. Us republicans [sic], and Producers [sic] have to deal with you dumb [expletive] all the time. Quit with the Damn [sic] taxes. its [sic] kills us that we have to pay 30% of our paycheck to make sure that lazy people have food. [expletive] them...they can all die, along with all you other democrats [sic].
DubyaSpeak.com: This is so badly written, I hesitate to add it for fear that I am having my leg pulled here. But the sentiment seems legitimately pathetic enough to convince me it's genuine. By all means, let me know if I am incorrect. Not that your comments merit a response or anything...

Comment: If people submit these quotes how are you sure they are accurate? They arent [sic]. And ecven [sic] if they were ALL true, the man's motives are what is important. If it takes a couple of extra mangled sentences to get them out, so be it. He is a much au fait president than [sic] Kerry could ever be. Besides, I have heard Kerry maul the english [sic] language, not only in grammar, but content. Quote: "George Bush is just a big...a big... he is the flip flopper of all flip floppers" not [sic] only did that show he was too retarded to come up with a childish insult, but that he also resorts to name calling. this [sic] website sucks by the way- AND IM [sic] A DEMOCRAT believe it or not. Bush can do a better job even if i dont [sic] wholeheartedly agree with everything.
DubyaSpeak.com: I am sure that the quotes are accurate because I verify them online and through the media before posting them on the site. It's called research. Read our FAQ for more information. Now you seem to be having it both ways. You take extra care to mention a quote from John Kerry that you claim illustrates he is mentally impaired, but at the same time you try to claim that if Dubya mangles a couple of sentences here and there, it's not a big deal. So which point are you going to stand behind? You might want to pick only one. If you don't like this website, I can live with that. There are plenty of other sites out there that will undoubtedly satisfy you better. And guess what, I don't believe you're a Democrat.

Comment: This website is garbage! God Forbid Bush isnt re-elected [sic] I hope the Muslim Extremist Terrorist [sic] attack where ever [sic] the hell you live or where ever [sic] the hell your family are firemen if you even have family with courage! [sic - covers the entire phrase] God help us all if this security budget cutting, contradicting, JACKA-- Kerry becomes President.
DubyaSpeak.com: God forbid indeed. Folks, I think we have a child left behind here.

Comment: Don't believe the media. I don't like Bush much more than you guys, but there really isn't a good candidate. Just look at Kerry's past. Who cares about what he says now. [sic] He will say anything to get a vote. This site really annoys me cause it shows how ignorant you are. btw [sic] i will be voting for Bush and he is going to win. SO MOVE TO CANADA!!
DubyaSpeak.com: "Don't believe the media"... Sure, I can go along with that. The stuff about Kerry... Irrelevant since this is a site about Dubya... "This site really annoys me cause it shows how ignorant you are"... I don't know how I could be "ignorantly" quoting the words which come out of Dubya's mouth. He either said these things or he didn't, and I can assure you that he indeed did say them. On voting for Bush... Fine by me. You're certainly entitled to voice your preference, and I'm not going to try to talk you out of it. "MOVE TO CANADA!!"... And leave behind only people who think like you? I couldn't do something like that to my own country.

Comment: John Kerry said "The president got $84 from a timber company that he owns" that [sic] was a LIE as even your favorite site, factcheck.org was forced to concede. The $84 came from an oil and gas company. Kerry lied. Trees died. Liberals are always lying and making up s#$T. That's probably why you keep trying to accuse PRESIDENT Bush of lying, huh? LOL!!!
DubyaSpeak.com: We aren't a mouthpiece for John Kerry, or affiliated with him in any way, so I don't know why you sent this complaint here, but I am quite willing to address our reporting of Dubya's part ownership of a timber company. At the time of the presidential debate in which this topic came up, factcheck.org had published that Dubya had "reported $84 of business income from his part ownership of a timber-growing enterprise." The day after the debate (after Kerry told his "lie"), factcheck.org issued a correction on their website, but reiterated the undisputed fact (reported here on DubyaSpeak.com) that Dubya "does own part interest in a tree-growing company." So, I have two things to report to you: 1) Kerry was misinformed, not lying, and 2) I've never accused Dubya of lying, except when he clearly was. I would suggest you apply the same standard.

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