Dubya Image Management (D.I.M.)
If you've paid attention to even a few of Dubya's public appearances (like his "Mission Accomplished" speech), you've probably noticed that he employs media strategists who clearly value the power of slogans and controlled environments (click here to see what happens when they leave things to chance).

One of their central roles appears to be providing backdrop images for all of Dubya's major outings, especially those where he's touting new policy proposals. The result resembles a life-size Powerpoint presentation with Dubya slapped in the middle of it. Here we offer a slide show that illustrates some of the "best" work of Dubya's image management team.

[NOTE] Duplicate backdrops in this collection are NOT the result of multiple photos from the same appearance. These are actually separate outings where they recycled the same imagery. Among the most entertaining images you'll find in the collection are the fake shipping crates, and the chalkboard-inspired motifs (1, 2, 3, 4) employed for all things education-related. Also, notice the frequent use of powerful presidential words like "protecting" and "strengthening" throughout. Enjoy the spectacle.

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Source: White House website

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