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(Giving ample evidence of the need for an improved education system)
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Rarely was the question asked: Can you read? Or can you write? Or can you add and can you subtract?
Incredibly, Dubya offers up a sequel to this gem, and declares three questions as one. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jan. 8, 2009

Over the past seven years we have worked to strengthen the public school system. In other words, we haven't given up on public schools; quite the contrary, we've tried to help them succeed by passing the No Child Left Behind Act. In some circles it's controversial. I don't think it should be controversial, however, to demand high standards for every child. I don't think it should be controversial to insist upon accountability to see if those children are meeting those standards. And I don't think it should be viewed as controversial to say to a public school, if children are falling behind, here's supplementary services to help that individual child catch up.
I'm pretty sure the controversial parts of No Child Left Behind are none of the above sentiments, Washington, D.C., Apr. 24, 2008

DUBYA: Every good school every school that succeeds by the way, it's a Blue Ribbon School. So I asked Margaret like, I remember coming up, everybody was a blue ribbon school. I don't know if you remember those days. It was kind of a feel-good era. Just say, okay, you're a blue ribbon school, and everybody feels better about education. There's less than 300 Blue Ribbon schools across America this year. I think what did you say, thirteen
EDUCATION SECRETARY MARGARET SPELLINGS: Two hundred and thirty nine public.
DUBYA: Two hundred thirty nine public schools are Blue Ribbon Schools, and maybe a dozen here in the state of Illinois.
You have to love the simultaneous belittling of the old days, and the celebration of an extremely small number of schools that meet Blue Ribbon standards for a country of 300 million. Chicago, Illinois, Jan. 7, 2008

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