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We want to do the hard work now so our children and our grandchildren can grow up in a peaceful world. So we rallied good allies to our side, including every member of NATO. We've developed civilian experts in the form of Civilian Reconstruction Teams. And together with the determined people of Afghanistan, we are making hopeful gains.
They are actually called Provincial Reconstruction Teams, and they consist of military officers, diplomats, civilian police advisors and reconstruction experts. Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, Dec. 15, 2008

I appreciate all the local and state officials who are here today. I particularly want to point out one person Staff Sergeant John Forbess. I had the honor of meeting John at the base of Air Force One. He was severely wounded in a helicopter crash in Iraq in 2003. Yet, despite his wounds, he volunteers in the Fisher House.
Umm... Yeah. The guy Dubya was pointing out is named Josh Forbess. Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Nov. 25, 2008

I want to thank Dirk Kempthorne Mr. Secretary, thank you for being here. Jonathan Scharfen, Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as well as Congressman Doris Matsui from California.
Not so surprisingly, she's actually a woman. Washington, D.C., Nov. 19, 2008

And finally and finally, it is a pleasure to welcome future Stanley Cuppers the Auburn Extreme Hockey Club. I guess extreme means extremely good.
What he was supposed to say was Ashburn Xtreme Hockey Club. The White House must have been extremely uninterested, because they didn't bother to correct the official transcript. White House, Oct. 14, 2008

These two women are not only great athletes, they're really great people. And I'm just so sorry that Misty May got injured on Dancing for the Stars. God, if only she had me as a partner, you know? Except I can't dance. But I wish you know, it's interesting, I read a comment from Misty May today. She said, yes, I got hurt Dancing on the Stars, but I'll be back at the 2012 Olympics.
Dancing on the stars could indeed be quite dangerous. The program Dubya was trying to reference was Dancing with the Stars. White House, Oct. 7, 2008

The USO enlisted the biggest celebrities of the age to show their support for the troops overseas. Legendary stars made dangerous treks. Entertainers like Marlene Dietrich, Fred Astaire, Diana Shore, John Wayne, and many others offered the troops their talents, brought memories of joy brought moments of joy and laughter, and memories of home.
That would be Dinah Shore, Washington, D.C., Oct. 1, 2008

Welcome to the South Ground of the White House. It is a joy to be here with members of the armies of compassion.
The South Ground... known until this moment as the South Lawn. South Lawn of the White House, Sep. 6, 2008

It now appears that an effort may be underway to depose Russia's duly elected government. Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century.
By which he means Georgia's duly elected government, White House, Aug. 11, 2008

I hope that I can use my good relations with the Chinese leadership to convince them that the way forward is for there to be more civic participation, more citizen participation in the future of the country, and that the perfect way to do that is to explain to them how backward the government was when it came to the response for the natural disaster. Hopefully that will open up eyes. But no question there's a lot of diplomacy that needs to be done to convince others that people like Aung Suu San Kyi deserve to be free, and political prisoners ought to be free. ...Whether or not the Chinese will agree that somebody like Aung Suu San Kyi ought to be free and ought to be the center of foreign policy like it is for us, I don't know. We just have to work it hard.
I'm sure Dubya believes that Aung San Suu Kyi deserves to be free. He just doesn't know her name. Bangkok, Thailand, Aug. 7, 2008

To help address challenges in the housing and financial markets, we announced temporary steps to help stabilize them and increase confidence in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These two enterprises play a central role in our housing finance system, so Treasury Paulson has worked with the Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, so that the companies and the government regulators, uhh put the companies and the government regulators on a plan to strengthen these enterprises.
Good old Treasury Paulson... White House, Jul. 15, 2008

Yo, Harper! The President of Nigeria.
In a flashback to a previous occasion, Dubya demonstrates his own way of getting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's attention at the G8 conference to introduce him to Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua. Toyako, Japan, Jul. 7, 2008

Jarrett wasn't alone that night. As you well know, many of your family members rushed to Greenburg from nearby counties and other states to offer love and support.
While delivering the commencement address for graduating seniors at Greensburg High School, Dubya gets the name of their city wrong. Greensburg, Kansas, May 4, 2008

And by the way, opening up ANWR is not long term, it's intermediate term. But it sends a clear signal, is what it does. It sends a clear signal to the markets that the United States is not going to restrict exploration. The United States is going to encourage exploration. And in the meantime we have done, increasing CAFTA, for example. But the market is going to do as much for encouraging conservation as anything else is now. And so I firmly believe that you know, if there was a magic wand to wave, I'd be waving it, of course. ...I think that if there was a magic wand, and say, okay, drop price, I'd do that. ...But there is no magic wand to wave right now.
Double triples up on his magic wand repeat offense, and as an added bonus, substitutes CAFTA for CAFE. White House, Apr. 29, 2008

An agreement with Colombia would level the playing field. And a failure to pass an agreement would send a terrible signal to our neighborhood. The Speaker of the United States Congress has killed this bill unless she gives us a date certain for a vote. It's a bad decision on her part.
Dubya comes up with a new title for the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, New Orleans, Louisiana, Apr. 22, 2008

These two nations inspired the world with their Rose and Orange Revolutions and now they're working to consolidate their democratic gains and cement their independence. Welcoming them into the MATO into the Membership Action Plan, would send a signal to their citizens that if they continue on the path to democracy and reform they will be welcomed into the institutions of Europe.
Dubya saves time distinguishing NATO members from applicants to NATO's Membership Action Plan (MAP) by simply combining them into a new acronym. Bucharest, Romania, Apr. 2, 2008

I want my fellow citizens, if you're worried about your home, to call this number: 1-88-995-HOPE. Let me repeat that again. 1-88-995-HOPE.
Dubya finds yet another way to screw up the toll-free number for Hope Now. Freehold, New Jersey, Mar. 28, 2008

Uhh, Mr. Ambassador, thanks for comin'. Ambassador, uh, Meh, Ma, Mallias is will us today. Mister Amb there you are, right there, Ambassador. Thank you. It's good to see your wife. Appreciate you all bein' here. Ambassador, uhh, Kukouris of, umm uhh, to Cyprus is with us from Cyprus to U.S. is with us. Senator, thank you for comin'. It's good to see you again.
Dubya attempts to keep all the ambassadors straight in a ceremony celebrating Greek Independence Day, White House, Mar. 25, 2008

I guess his grandmother died again.
Dubya's comment on Boston Red Sox player Manny Ramirez not attending the White House reception celebrating his team's victory in the World Series, after having canceled the last time in 2005 to visit his sick grandmother. White House, Feb. 27, 2008

Our Peace Corps is full of compassionate, hard-working, decent people who are serving America on the front lines of compassion.
So what exactly are the front lines of compassion? Washington, D.C., Feb. 26, 2008

Most Americans feel overtaxed, and I promise you the Democrat Party is going to field a candidate who says I'm going to raise your tax.
Note that he uses tax rather than taxes, Democrat rather than Democratic. Regarding the latter word choice, this certainly isn't the first time he's gone there. White House, Feb. 10, 2008

What's going to matter is not the past, but the future when it comes to campaigns and if the Democrat Party feels like they can win an election by focusing on me, I think they'll be making a huge tactical mistake.
Now he's on a roll, White House, Feb. 10, 2008

I think we're going to get a good bipartisan bill and so I applaud those Democrats. I'm not going after those Democrats. But there is a big part of the Democrat Party that is against giving our intelligence officers the tools necessary to protect America.
The rolling continues... White House, Feb. 10, 2008

Thank you all for coming. I just met, umm, with my Cabinet, where we discussed a lotta issues, and one issue we discussed was the budget, I submitted the budget today to Congress. It's on a a laptop notebook, an e-budget. It saves paper, saves trees, saves money. I think it's the first budget submitted electronically. And it's a good budget.
Dubya proudly submits an e-budget with his "laptop notebook"... I hope he saved a copy to his hard disk hard drive. White House, Feb. 4, 2008

The enemy we face can only convince people to join their cause is when they find hopelessness. And so our strategy is threefold. One, protect the homeland. Two, stay on the offense against these folks. And three, provide an alternative a hopeful alternative to despair and doubt and hopelessness. ...I hope you take heart in knowing there are a lot of really fine people working long, long hours to get the best information possible to protect the homeland. There's a unbelievably dedicated folks. And as I said in the State of the Union the other night, we owe these folks a debt of gratitude. And we owe them more we owe them the tools necessary to protect the American people. ...The second part of our strategy is to stay on the offense against these folks I mean every day stay on the offense. An unrelenting effort to find them and bring them to justice. It's hard to plot, plan and attack America if you're running and hiding. It's hard to recruit if you're cutting off money. It is hard to spread your poison if other reasonable people join the cause. And so we spend a lot of time doing everything we can to keep the pressure on these folks. ...I repeat to you, I know there's some good folks who think this is just simply a law enforcement matter. It is not. ...The third part of our strategy is to spread liberty. I love to tell folks that one of the most unique relationships I had as your President was with the Prime Minister of Japan, Prime Minister Koizumi. ...In Afghanistan the interesting lesson on Afghanistan for the world to see is that how the vision of the enemy would be implemented in other words, these poor folks had the Taliban as their oppressors. ...These thugs didn't believe in freedoms, they didn't believe in women having equal status, they didn't believe young girls should be educated. And if you dared express your opinion that didn't mesh with theirs, you'd be whipped in the public square or killed. These are brutal people. That's the vision that these folks have for the world. ...I had to make a tough decision. And the decision I made was based on the considered judgment of military people, considered judgment of a lot of folks who were following Iraq. It was not based upon any Gallup poll or focus group. ...And we went in with a counterinsurgency strategy, all aimed at, of course, helping the Iraqis stand up and do the hard work necessary, but in the meantime making sure that when the enemy was cleaned out of neighborhoods, there was somebody there to provide security for the folks. Our surge, by the way, was more than just military. We surged diplomats and public service officials, provincial reconstruction teams to make sure that in neighborhoods where an enemy had been routed and we have folks there, along with the Iraqis, to provide security. ...People want to live in peace, whether you're Methodist or Muslim, whether you're American or Iraqi. And what you're watching play out now is that folks are becoming more confident in their capacity to self-govern. ...We surged, we accomplished missions, the Iraqis are more capable. The commanders on the ground say that now we can do the same job with less troops. So folks came home for Christmas. ...You know, a lot of folks say, well, what's next, Mr. President? And my answer is, we have come too far in this important theater in this war on terror not to make sure that we succeed. ...The other question is politics. One of the lessons of democracy is, a lot of times what happens at the local level informs people at the central government level. And competition is pretty healthy in a democracy. As I told you, the local folks are reconciling.
Dubya goes all folksy, using one of his favorite words to represent enemies and allies, and everyone in between. In case you were wondering, calling terrorists "folks" is something he has done numerous times before. Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 31, 2008

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