Sticks & Stones
To those who would hurl sticks and stones, remember the words of your leader: "It's important for those of us who value democracy to promote an independent media." - Dubya, Moscow, Russia, May 24, 2002
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Comment: you [sic] site is worthless. The dude is president, what have U done? If someone who makes mistakes while speaking in public can become prwesident [sic] what's your excuse for this nowhereville website [sic]. Get a life. Lets [sic] see you address 200 million people and not make a mistake! LOSER.
DubyaSpeak.com: I don't follow your rationale. I can't make fun of Dubya because he won the election? This means that somehow all of his foibles should be forgiven? This means that statements like "You teach a child to read and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test," cease to be hilarious? I'm laughing again right now. So sue me.

Comment: why [sic] not concentrate on something worthy of your skill instead of keeping tabs on someone's misquotes [sic]. How many times have your words been critqued [sic]? I'll be [sic] your english [sic] is full of slang and stupid comments too. Lets [sic] see you speak infront [sic] of a huge crowd of thousands without a mistake. Your website is a waste of time and space. Go make a website about the Chinese govt [sic] dumping chemicals in the ocean, or how about the child prostitution rings in eastern Europe run by the Russian mafia [sic]. Bush sometimes sounds stupid...but stupid is as stupid does, and he's not doing stupid things. You are by wasting time trying to discredit a good man who's very intelligent. Einstein made similar mistakes, so do many other brilliant people. Ever hear of Dr Spooner? In fact his approval rating is higher than any other president (or other public official for that matter) since this stat has been recorded. The creator of this site is a jealous bitter loser with nothing going for him other than a rediculous [sic] website which is neither funny or entertaining. Thanks for trying to divide America, but your weak attempt to make Bush look bad only makes you look bad.
DubyaSpeak.com: Sorry, I started laughing when the comparisons to Einstein began. If you think I'm wasting time on a site that no one is going to want to read, then why are you bothering to write to me in the first place? And by the way, Dubya does a great job at looking bad all by himself. My role is just to point that fact out.

Comment: Why do you hate the president so? Your ire drips from every page and comment like venom. I expected this site to be humerous [sic] but it is not, your [sic] hatred is too apparent.
DubyaSpeak.com: Gee, sorry about that, guy. Ever heard of cynicism or irony? I don't hate the president. I do, however, find it shocking that a person who graduated from Yale and Harvard could fail to string together coherent sentences so many times, for so many years, so consistently. Until statements like "Laura and I will thank them from the bottom of my heart," cease to make me laugh, it is unlikely that the content of this site will change.

Comment: President Bush happens to communicate very well, not everyone is as articulate as you. And please, spare me, your problem with Mr. Bush is not with his communication skills. Putting that asside [sic], you have no class... your content is thoughtless and cruel.
DubyaSpeak.com: Hey, if you can understand Dubya, more power to you. If you want to discuss thoughtlessness and cruelty, try this Dubya quote on for size, which was said in a mocking voice to reporters following his meeting soon-to-be-executed death row convict Karla Faye Tucker: "Oh, please don't kill me."

Comment: I like G. Dubya and people like yourself can go to HELL !!
DubyaSpeak.com: Succinct, and to the point. I appreciate that. I'll have to get back to you on the going to Hell thing, though.

Comment: Hey.. I just wanted to say I think you are being to [sic] hard on this guy. To me, it looks like dubya [sic] just gets nervous when he speaks. he [sic] slips up much like I do sometimes. but [sic] that doesn't make him an idiot. I say some really stupid [expletive] sometimes, and it embarrasses me. It's like, some people have a better filter between their brain and thier mouths. I'm not one to brag, but I made a 1400 on the sat [sic], I won piano competitions, I excel at my job, I took the .. oh what was it, .. . some iq [sic] test where you have to go and be tested somewhere (parents made me do it in highscool [sic]) and I supposedly scored a 142. granted [sic] there wasn't any verbal testing involved.. and look, I don't like to classify, but apparently you do, so that's top 1%. I personally feel intelligence goes WAY BEYOND what you see or hear from someone. but [sic] I really have trouble communicating when I talk to people, unless for some reason I'm unbelievably happy or comfortable. anyway [sic], I think it's really weird that someone would go out of their way to make a website lambasting someone because of how they speak. I bet if I do a whois on dubyaspeak.com I'd find it's owned by Terry McAulliffe [sic] (spelled wrong I know [DubyaSpeak.com: It is.]) or something. lastly [sic], I'd like to remind you know that you're in the minority on this war thing.
DubyaSpeak.com: This site spends little or no time debating Dubya's intelligence or the lack thereof. His unending stream of problematic diction keeps us busy enough. Readers are encouraged to draw their own conclusions. I have a different theory on Dubya's inability to speak in public: He's lazy, and tries so hard to come across as an "average guy" (when in reality he's as old-monied and elitist as they come) that the results are often catastrophic. No offense, but I don't see how your IQ and SAT scores are relevant to your comments. It's equally possible to be intelligent and a bad public speaker as it is to be ignorant and a bad public speaker. And since this site has no interest in estimating Dubya's intelligence, it really doesn't matter. To answer your question on site ownership, DubyaSpeak is in no way affiliated with Terry McAuliffe or the Democratic National Committee. And whether I'm in the minority on the war against Iraq or not is not only wholly irrelevant, it is also debatable, pal. I choose not to be a lemming on this issue, and I'm pretty sure I'm free to maintain that position.

Comment: I'm kind of disappointed in your site. First off, I'm sure that you never use the same word or phrase (referring to "repeat offenders") and that you have NEVER used incorrect grammar. I'm also sure that you would truly appreciate people taking what you say out of context and putting it on a website. President George W. Bush is the right president for this time. We're so fortunate that the American people voted him into election [sic] rather than that idiot Gore. Some of Bush's quotes (since it is obvious you don't watch the news) is [sic] meant in humor. Take the time to REALLY check your sources before you go around splattering information that makes you seems [sic] like a fool.
DubyaSpeak.com: You seem like a really nice, intelligent person. That's why it's so puzzling to me that you choose to stand behind Dubya instead of enjoying this site. You seem to have completely missed the point of the Repeat Offender page, which goes to great length to illustrate that precious little of anything Dubya says has any real substance. And that he also chooses to repeat certain concepts and phrases that were stupid the first time he said them, and only more stupid every time he repeats them. Take a look at the Lawsuit "Joke", and you'll see what I mean -- a really dumb joke that's been dumb for a long time. With regards to context, there is no need to take things out of context when Dubya is offering it up for free. There is nothing misleading or inaccurate about the quotes you see on this site. Your supposition that I am not thorough is only that -- a supposition, and an incorrect one. Whether or not I have used incorrect grammar in my life is a completely irrelevant issue. I'm not running the executive branch of the U.S. government, or sending boys off to war against a country which had nothing to do with the Sept. 11 attacks. I can guarantee you this, though: were anyone else in the Oval Office now rather than Dubya, I wouldn't have a quote collection that numbers in the thousands. And if YOU had chosen to be a little more thorough, you would have noticed that the quotes on this site are not merely focused on nitpicky grammatical problems, but a whole host of logical, historical, rhetorical and factual problems that deserve closer scrutiny, or at the very least derisive laughter. Lastly, believing that Dubya is the right president for this time is sort of like thinking McDonald's Happy Meals are the right cuisine for a wedding reception.

Comment: O.K. President W. Bush [sic] has a christian [sic] faith. At least he won't end up in the hot seat like the liberal democratic peice [sic] of [EXPLETIVE] clinton [sic] done [sic] and wasted how much tax payers money????? blow [sic] it out your ear.
DubyaSpeak.com: So, because Dubya follows the Christian faith, he is untouchable? And his verbal mistakes are not funny? And this all has some direct connection with President Clinton? I'm trying hard to figure you out, but you're making no sense at all

Comment: You know, because someone espouses their beliefs does not make it a moronic statement. He may not make sense all of the time but you are really digging. Why don't you broaden you quote horizon and focus on people like the honorable reverend Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. [sic]
DubyaSpeak.com: Who ever said that espousing his beliefs automatically makes Dubya sound moronic? I sure haven't said that. It's when he expresses his beliefs by saying things like the following that he sounds moronic: "I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe - I believe what I believe is right." Now that's downright moronic! With regard to broadening the quote collection to include Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, I refer you to the name of this web site: DubyaSpeak. The first part (Dubya) refers to the president, and the second part (Speak) refers to the things he says, which are often silly, dumb, scary, bellicose, exclusionary, uneducated, off-the-mark, incorrect or just plain funny. Does that clear it up for you?

Comment: Dear Dubyaspeak.com, I am very disappointed with your website. George W. Bush is our president, and the president of a [sic] country in which you live in [sic]. I may only be sixteen, but I know that the website that you are currently running is unethical and wrong. Have respect. Selling merchandise that puts the president down isn't going to solve anything that you think is wrong with this country now--if anything it will make the problems within this country worse. Just because President Bush stands up for what is right, doesn't mean she [sic] should be ridiculed for it. He doesn't believe in abortion. Ok... that just means that he does not believe that innocent people should be killed. There are several others, but I really do not think that my time should be wasted by and email that will probably be quickly disreguarded [sic] by this website's staff. I will just end this with a little note: You should run for President. I would love to ridicule you. Not.
DubyaSpeak.com: It sounds like your civics teacher is asleep on the job, or you've been skipping a lot of classes, my young friend. (1) There is nothing "unethical" about poking fun at the president. It's an American pastime with a noble heritage and constitutional protection. (2) There is nothing "wrong" with making Dubya look like a boob, especially when he's doing it all by himself. I'm merely reporting the facts here. You can choose whether you like my added comments or not. But in a democracy, you have to respect free speech and a free press, just as I have to respect your right to disagree with me. I don't know why you bring up abortion, since I hardly address the issue on the site, but I certainly respect your right to hold your own opinions regarding the issue, if that's your concern. I don't understand how selling a large array of wonderfully humorous DubyaSpeak Merchandise could make things worse in this country, so I guess I'll just have to remain puzzled. Lastly, you stridently state that Dubya is standing up for what is right. I submit that he is merely standing up for what is right according to him. A word of advice, given the tenor of your complaint: Take more care not to speak in these exclusionary, absolutist terms, because you'll find yourself painted into a corner rather quickly. Or at the very least, you'll end up sounding like Dubya -- which might seem fine to you at first mention, but believe me, you should aim higher. A lot higher.

Comment: It is shameful and disgraceful that all you do is sit around and make "jokes" about our President's grammatical errors. Is this some type of pathetic attempt to make you feel better about yourself, by degrading the head of this country? You cannot possibly ever have had a leadership position of any type, seeing the manner in which you are carrying on. I cannot believe that people in this country have sunk so low as to make a webpage dedicated to mocking our President and criticizing every move he makes. He is human, the same as you and I, so no matter how hard he tries he is going to make mistakes. However, he is still the leader of this country, and was selected by the people for a reason. You may not agree with him, but the least you can do is respect him. I would like to see you try being President for a day, then maybe you will have a little more compassion and understnad [sic] that no one can be perfect and please everyone. (On second thought, I'd rather you not be presi! dent [sic] for a day. I would hardly imagine that you would get positive anything [sic] accomplished. I would not want to watch the country fall apart in the hands of a moronic idiot.) It is my sincerest hope that you will comprehend what is being said here, and give it a little thought. "Dubya" might not be the most eloquent of speakers, but I'd rather hear a stutter or two than be surrounded by scandal and shame in the White House, as in the days of Clinton. You may want to post this on your website, so others that stumble across it will at least have the hope that all is not lost. Merry Christmas. With love.
DubyaSpeak.com: I could say something about Dubya having been "selected" President (by the Supreme Court), but I'll leave that alone -- it's too obvious. Just to reassure you, I fully understand that no one is perfect. This site does not make the case that Dubya (or any other politician) should aspire to be perfect. On the contrary, it merely points out that Dubya has a preposterously difficult time with his native tongue, and despite all the doom and gloom that Dubya and his henchmen love to heap onto the American public (Orange alert! Orange alert!), the Mangler-in-Chief himself provides a ready-made source of laughs for all of us to enjoy (or not, in your case). As always, comparison to Bill Clinton is wholly irrelevant, as this site is about the current occupant of the White House, not the former one. Reading your statements, I can only assume that you have decided to toss Clinton into the mix because you have bought Karl Rove's cleverly crafted image of Dubya as the Anti-Clinton, a pious champion of purity, compassion and conviction. At any rate, you're entitled to love Dubya for what you believe him to be. Similarly, I am entitled to deride him until the cows come home. Merry Christmas.

Comment: Have you ever considered the lack of respect that this website and others like it show for our president? I am a teacher and I deal with children everyday - the longer I teach, the more I see a lack of respect in the way children treat each other and teachers (those in authority.) I think it is a natural result of groups like you - you show children that it is okay to disrespect authority. (Please note - I am not saying that you need to agree with Mr. Bush; I am saying you should respect him.) Thank you for reading this. I normally wouldn't write such an email, but I am having an outspoken day and I am tired of people like you saying whatever you think - I am merely saying what I think. I don't really expect a response - just for you make fun of me and my dislike of your website.
DubyaSpeak.com: I'm sorry. I didn't realize that as citizens of a free nation, we must always be completely respectful and noncritical of our president. And truthfully reporting the facts... Who needs that? It just gets in the way of all that respect we need to be paying. I guess all of that stuff about freedom of speech and freedom of expression was all just a bunch of hooey made up by a bunch of out-of-touch, powder-wigged old men. Come to think of it, you're absolutely right. Political lampoonery and satire have no place in a democracy. Let's give it all up and sign over our free will to the benevolent Lord Dubya. Thanks for the wake up call. I sure needed it!

Comment: I never thought I'd see the day when the president of the U.S. was satirized so blatently. I could sit here and say, "Oh you're nothing but worthless phony liberals with your heads up your [expletive]." But I won't because, "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger." What I will say is this. Each day I increasingly fear the integrity of this country. When you with your civil-rights movement have every minority/impovershed person feeding off of people that actually worked hard for their money because "the impovershed can't work, because their forefathers were discriminated against or their [sic] gay" I will.. Oh hell. I don't know what I'll do. The country will be a mess. Nothing but give to the rich, take from the poor. Poor? Are they even poor? Or do they just not want to work. [sic] Maybe we should go back to 1865 after Civil War Reconstruction and everyone can live on farms. Heck, the minorities will even appreciate their freedoms that the Union fought for. The country would be a lot better that way.
DubyaSpeak.com: I wish I could make heads or tails of this, but I can't. For your reference, though, satire is protected by the First Amendment. And that bit about living on farms cracked me up.

Comment: "Border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better." Taken out of context losers [sic]. He obviously meant that [sic] border relations between the US and Canada and the US and Mexico, it just would have sounded too long to say. He obviously means that and you know it so [sic] stop taking his quotes out of context and get a life loser [sic].
DubyaSpeak.com: Actually, we have never tried to suggest that Dubya meant to say that border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better, but the fact remains that is what Dubya said. The context is completely clear. I think any person with half a brain could guess what Dubya meant when he said that. The point is that if Dubya is too lazy to actually go to the trouble of saying what he actually means, then we're all in a bunch of trouble. And by the way, you might want to use commas more often.

Comment: bush [sic] rules!!!!
DubyaSpeak.com: Is it really so much trouble to use the Shift key?

Comment: This web sight [sic] is sick! Do you have anything beter [sic] to do then to bash a sincere and truthful man?! You are proving yourselfsto [sic] be nothing more then the ultimate idle and hate spewing Americans around! P.S. You might find some comfortable living conditions in Iraq. Try Najaf.
DubyaSpeak.com: I guess you were asleep during the buildup to the Iraq war, when Dubya presented Iraq as a clear and present danger poised to provide weapons of mass destruction to terrorists, or to attack America directly. Since then, the justification for the war has seen several rewrites, the latest of which has something to do with spreading freedom. I'm pretty sure that "truthful" is one word you might want to consider twice before applying it to Dubya. But at any rate, let me reiterate that the mission of this site is to point out that when Dubya opens his mouth, all sorts of hilarious, scary, confusing, untruthful and/or damaging things fly out. And that won't be changing anytime soon. Lastly, you might also want to consider what actions led to Najaf becoming the pit of hell it is today, and get back to me.

Comment: I think it's pretty sad that you would take the time to spend countless hours ripping apart the President of your country. you take the smallest mistakes that Bush makes and turn them into the biggest ordeals. [sic] sure [sic] he makes verbal mistakes, whether its [sic] misusing a word or mispronunciating [sic] one, but either way, he's the President, not some world reknown [sic] orator. Also, i'm [sic] very amused that you would make a big deal about that "Let Freedom Reign" article in Bush's mishaps or whatever it was. I think he had no intention of copying lyrics from America the Beautiful... the fact that he wrote "Let Freedom Reign" was a very appropriate phrase seeing the topic of the letter/note was the democratic [sic] and therefore freedom of Iraq, thus it was a very appropriate choice of words. Also, you rip apart Bush for the littlest things. I mean show some respect for the President of your country. Yeah I think he's pretty goofy too, but honestly, it only makes you seem like an immature 10 year old if the basis of your stance on the President is his appearance. I do honestly think that it is a shame and a disgust [sic] that you would go through all this. The fact that the President was holding the Princess's [sic] hand... if you were visiting another country it would only be respectful and the right thing to do to temporarily adapt to their culture and ways of life to show your respect towards the country and it's [sic] people. And so what - the President has a sense of humor? Do you expect the President to be some stonecold, feelingless [sic], emotionalless [sic] person? No, he's just like your average Joe. He's got a great sense of humor. And also, seriously, he's from the South, of course he's going to pronounce words different and speak differently. Sure it's funny... why? Because it's different from how other people speak. Is it fair to rip him apart for it? Not at all. And thats [sic] what you as an American are doing. You're tearing apart the President of your free country. Not everyone in the United States understands the importance and the deeper meaning of certain situations, such as the War in Iraq. You, I'm sure, are one of those people. There are more crucial aspects of such situations that you and many other people simply dont [sic] comprehend, and that is surely a sad thing. All in all, I think you're site is disgusting and a show of nothing less than disrespect to the the [sic] President, the people of America, and the country as a whole. You take every single opportunity to attempt to rip this country's President apart. There are more mature people out there who make arguments against some of Bush's economic or even international decisions and actions. You stray away from the political issues, and rather stand beside the ones that really have no meaning or relavance [sic] to the credentials a real President should have. Thanx [sic] for your time.
DubyaSpeak.com: For someone who claims to have America's best interests and democratic traditions at heart, you seem ill informed about both. America has a long, proud history of lampooning its elected officials. It is the birthright of every American to think of his/her representatives as corrupt, idiotic, and unworthy of office, and to act accordingly when so compelled. The President is not the King, and as such, is not granted any automatic right to receive the adoration or worship of the citizens who put him in office. That just isn't how it works, as much as some people may wish that to be otherwise. If your ideal is to always revere the head of state, never question him, never criticize him, and never say no to him, then may I suggest moving to North Korea? As to the issue you raised regarding Dubya holding the hand of the Saudi PRINCE, in TEXAS, you would be wise to read up on the circumstances of that incident before taking us to task on it. I will let our assessment of the "Let Freedom Reign" incident speak for itself, as it leaves many avenues of interpretation open to the reader. Lastly, the basis of our stance on Dubya is not his appearance. Granted, from time to time we find his appearance rather amusing, especially when he's squinty or pouty, but that is entirely beside the point. The basis of our stance on Dubya are the words that he spouts out in public, and the fact that those words are frequently incorrect, troubling, disheartening, humorous, lamentable, or otherwise worthy of special notice. I am surprised that despite apparently reading a great deal of this site that you were unable to figure that out.

Comment: I just came across your site and I must say that you have a problem. I'm not saying that what you are doing is stupid, but it sure is wrong. Leave the man alone. Your [sic] making fun of a guy with a speech impediment. He is just a human, like you and me. If we are going to get picky about words, lets [sic] talk about yours. "My site isn't obsessed"- Wow! I cant [sic] believe you said that. I have a friend who is obsessed with saltwater fish. Thats [sic] all he spends his time and money on, and I think he would even say your [sic] obsessed. "aren't most full-time college students "unemployed"- I would say any college student who doesn't have a job is living off daddy's bank account and has no idea what real life is about. I know plenty of people who put in 40 hour weeks through college(yes, full-time).The fact that you seem to be unemployed makes me think that you are out of touch with reality. I understand you may think its [sic] funny to make jokes about a persons [sic] disabilities, but this site is rididculous [sic]. Also I was wondering why you go through every message and point out other peoples [sic] typing mistakes. Not everybody is an expert typist. There are people who do not know how to speak perfect english [sic], that [sic] doesn't mean they dont [sic] have a relevant point. By going through and pointing out every little mistake a person makes, is [sic] a cheap trick to undermine a persons [sic] intelligence. Due to the fact that there is almost no chance of you responding to this I will end my mesage [sic] here, instead of rambling on. Thank you for your time.
DubyaSpeak.com: Boy, I love the Wikipedia. I highly recommend it as a source of useful reference info, especially when you're going to the trouble of writing a complaint to a website whose content you dislike. There is a nice entry on speech impediments that to me indicates no connection whatsover to Dubya's ineptitude as a public speaker. I don't presume to know the source of Dubya's poor performance as a public speaker, but I do believe it calls for greater examination than the mass media are willing to give it. And as you conveniently left out of your quotation of a previous response made on this page, I followed up our denial of being obsessed with Dubya's butchery of the English language with the open admission that covering Dubya's butchery is the SOLE PURPOSE of this site. For me, that makes your disbelief a little hard to figure out. It is perfectly fine that you may come to your own conclusion that our coverage of Dubya's frequent verbal misfires is excessive and/or cruel. But I would also hope that you could be generous enough to permit others to reach that conclusion on their own, rather than hope for some sort of pre-emptive removal of the truth from public view. At the end of the day, that is what we purvey here: the truth. It is up to reader to decide whether they think that truth amounts to anything. I've heard your opinion now, and although I don't agree with you at all in your assessment, I won't be losing any sleep, either, nor will I attempt to change your mind. Just to set the record straight, though, it may surprise you to learn that I am actually gainfully employed, and I didn't have my university tuition paid by my daddy (I think you have me confused with someone else). And trust me, I am well aware of the fact that there are people out there who do not know how to speak English very well at all. One of them just happens to be President of the United States.

Although the sentiment expressed by this person is a noble one, you can't help but think that the world he envisions would be devoid of all debate and critical thinking...
Comment: Yes, due to the incomparable freedoms given to both citizens and aliens in this country, you are free to publish whatever you like. And, yes, some of your postings are quite funny. But do not insult our intelligence by implying you have no agenda other than spreading humor. You are on a relentless quest to tear down the President of the United States, who was elected by the majority of the voters in 2004 (lest we forget). In so doing, you are diminishing not only the presidency, but this country and the citizens of this country. Your website is not a local newspaper. It is an international website. There are those who build up and there are those who only know how to tear down. You are the latter. Bear in mind that you are tearing down the leader of the world's most generous country . . . a country which does not extract [sic] unrelenting vengence [sic] upon its defeated foes, but builds them up to be major economic powers, which is an incredible blessing to their citizens. A country which gives more food, medical supplies, staple goods and money to other people than any country in history, not only through its government, but through its individual citizens, as well. Am I asking you to adopt the philosophy, "My country right or wrong?" No, I am not. I am asking you to ask yourself, "Am I building up this President to be as effective as possible, or am I tearing him and the country down?" The truth is, you are not just tearing down this President, but the presidency and the country, and lest we forget, you are doing it for profit. Perhaps technologies should be developed that would make it possible for us to catch and record for public consumption every mistake you make, every lie you tell, every indiscretion, every verbal stumble, every moral stumble, every intellectual incongruency and so forth. Better yet, perhaps all employees should be encouraged to point out all such flaws in their employers, or for students to do so with their teachers, or congregations with their pastors, or athletes with their coaches, or citizens with their duly elected representatives. Who would then risk their own capital to create jobs for our citizens? Who would then teach, pastor, coach or represent? Tearing down is a fast-spreading disease. Building up is medicine. You have dedicated yourself to promoting one over the other, and profiting from it.
DubyaSpeak.com: You are correct. Freedom of speech is one of the most important rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, so I'm glad you recognize that right extends to people you disagree with. In observance of that right, please allow me to react to a few of your comments. 1) Dubya was made the President of the U.S. by virtue of a controversial Supreme Court decision, made amidst a contested election in 2000 in which he didn't receive the majority of the votes (lest you forget). 2) I am very well aware that this is an international website. Please see our FAQ for more details. 3) I have no delusions about the far-reaching impact of this website. This site is not responsible for tearing down Dubya. He's doing that all by himself, with his own words and actions. Laughing at the damage is far less depressing than the alternative: embracing it. 4) You seem to have a penchant for not questioning leaders, whether they be bosses, coaches, pastors, or Presidents of the United States. I do not share that penchant. No one should be immune to scrutiny, especially when they wield so much authority over people's lives, livelihoods and well-being, just because they happen to be in a position of authority. Why even bother electing new Presidents if we're not meant to find disturbing flaws and troubling inconsistencies and form opinions about them? In your universe, authority seems to grant immunity. I cannot go along with that. 5) You mentioned twice that this site is profiting from its efforts. I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. This is not a profit-making enterprise, and the small advertising and merchandise revenues we earn go straight back into the upkeep of the site, the occasional upgrade of computer equipment, and charitable donations. 6) This site isn't about the United States. It's about one very flawed man and his flaws. Nothing portrayed on this site could or should be construed as a criticism of the United States or an attempt to "tear it down", but you are welcome to continue believing that... and I suspect that you will.

Comment: Now that our good man George is leaving office, I feel like you are probably disappointed at how you spent your time here... it has been nothing if not lacking in sobriety; never a kind word for the fellow human being, never. I came here at times because I was wanting to read those quotes. Our man was no political giant. Oh well. I was as bothered as you that we had a man like George in office. Nevertheless, I must admit that George did really believe that the most amazing country that has ever been was this one, and that is why I would be kind; he failed to envince [sic] others to follow him, in fact he was not leading anyway. He did many damned things but, I think in the end a sane man adopts him for his friendship, and in the future keeps fellows like him from the Whitehouse [sic] that we might live more safely. Our national pocketbook has been rifled by fools and weaponry and now the world trusts we resort to violence. Can we have done things differently here? I mean in light of my saying something kindhearted towards George, what about the arcane existance [sic] of this site; a site totally devoted to dislike of a person. I did come here to read the quotes; I am more the educated for it, I trust they were all accurate. Nookyuhler. Fabulous.
DubyaSpeak.com: Please rest assured that the quotes in the collection are accurate... Am I disappointed about all the years of chronicling Dubya's own words -- chosen and coming from his own mouth -- and the dangerous concepts, mental lapses, ignorant certitude and questionable logic that they represented? Not at all. That has always been the purpose of the site. If you wanted to go to a site with a kindhearted, sympathetic angle on Dubya's presidency, this probably wasn't the place to come. Expecting that kind of treatment on this site is setting yourself up for disappointment. As to Dubya's feelings for this country, I leave you with the now self-evident truth that it is possible to love one's country while simultaneously doing serious damage to its freedoms, its economy and its standing the world. And pretending that isn't happening isn't going to do anything to prevent a repeat in the future, or to help raise consciousness today.

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