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To those who would hurl sticks and stones, remember the words of your leader: "It's important for those of us who value democracy to promote an independent media." - Dubya, Moscow, Russia, May 24, 2002
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For the vast majority of visitors, DubyaSpeak.com is a place they enjoy coming to. However, there are members of a vocal minority out there who seem to enjoy sending nasty e-mails to us to emphasize exactly the opposite. You can categorize the typical "I hate DubyaSpeak.com" e-mails that they send into six camps:

(1) The "You're a sore loser who pines for the Clinton/Gore era, and harbors a political agenda" camp
(2) The "You're a gay-loving, Communist, pinko, liberal, #%!!@& crackpot" camp
(3) The "Dubya is an honorable man and you must blindly follow him" camp
(4) The "You're a stupid, worthless, unimportant excuse for a human being" camp
(5) The "John Kerry Sucks" camp.

Then there are those odd ducks who simultaneously hate both Dubya and DubyaSpeak.com:

(6) The "conflicted" camp. We've decided to give them their own page, too.

The "cream" of the crop is offered for your perusal here. Names and e-mail addresses have been removed. The frequent spelling/punctuation/grammatical errors haven't. (Notice the frequency with which I am forced to brandish the [sic] notation, and edit out expletives.)
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