Quotes - Repeat Offender (Misunderestimated)
"In my line of work you gotta keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kinda catapult the propaganda." - Dubya, May 24, 2005

This repeat offense features Dubya emphatically using a word which doesn't exist.

  1. They misunderestimated me. (Nov. 6, 2000)
  2. The folks who conducted this act on our country on September 11th made a big mistake. They misunderestimated the fact that we love a neighbor in need. They misunderestimated the compassion of our country. I think they misunderestimated the will and determination of the commander-in-chief, too. (Sep. 26, 2001)
  3. Uhh, through it all, it's been, uhh I, I have, umm, respected you. Umm, sometimes didn't like the stories that you wrote or reported on. Sometimes you, umm, misunderestimated me. But, always the relationship I have felt has been professional. And, uhh, I appreciate it. (Jan. 12, 2009)
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