Quotes - Repeat Offender (Democrat Party)
"In my line of work you gotta keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kinda catapult the propaganda." - Dubya, May 24, 2005

Democrat Party
This repeat offense features Dubya mistakenly referring to the Democratic Party as the Democrat Party. Many believe that this mistake is not accidental, and seeing that a lot of these repeat offenses fall within the heat of the 2004 and 2006 campaign seasons, that belief is understandable.

  1. This is an issue that is going to require close cooperation between members of the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. (Apr. 2, 2001)
  2. As you know, I'm a proud member of the Republican Party. I'm traveling today with proud members of the Democrat Party. But we're all proud Americans, first and foremost. (Jan. 31, 2002)
  3. Does the Democrat Party take African American voters for granted? It's a fair question. I know plenty of politicians assume they have your vote. But do they earn it and do they deserve it? Is it a good thing for the African American community to be represented mainly by one political party? That's a legitimate question. How is it possible to gain political leverage if the party is never forced to compete? Have the traditional solutions of the Democrat Party truly served the African American community? (Jul. 23, 2004)
  4. We've got a lot of people from the Democrat Party supporting my candidacy. We've got a lot of independents supporting my candidacy. We've got a lot of Republicans, because they understand that with four more years, this country will be safer, stronger, and better. (Sep. 13, 2004)
  5. In the last 20 years, in key moments of challenge now remember, my opponent opposed President Ronald Reagan's doctrine of peace through strength. He didn't support removing Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, even though the international community united in concert. In moments of challenge and decision, he has chosen the path of weakness and inaction. Now, look, his record not only stands in opposition to me, but in opposition to the great tradition of the Democrat Party of America. (Oct. 26, 2004)
  6. I'm traveling with a guest and a friend who represents thousands of people all across this country who are affiliated with the Democrat Party. My friend has come from Georgia to share a message with you about how we're going to work with Republicans and Democrats and independents to carry the great state of Pennsylvania. Please welcome my friend, Senator Zell Miller. ...I'm a proud Republican, but I believe my policies appeal to many Democrats. In fact, I believe my opponent is running away from some of the great traditions of the Democrat Party. ...The Democrat Party has also a great tradition of defending the defenseless. I remember the strong conscience of the late Democratic Governor from Pennsylvania, Robert Casey, who once said that when we look to the unborn child, the real issue is not when life begins, but when love begins. ...If you're a Democrat, and your dreams and goals are not found in the far left wing of the Democrat Party, I'd be honored to have your vote. (Oct. 27, 2004)
  7. The Democrat Party is also a great tradition of defending the defenseless. I remember the strong conscience of the late Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania, Robert Casey, who once said that when he looked to an unborn child, the real issue is not when life begins, but when love begins. (Oct. 27, 2004)
  8. During the last 20 years, in key moments of challenge and decision for America, Senator Kerry has chosen the position of weakness and inaction. With that record, he stands in opposition not just to me, but to the great tradition of the Democrat Party. (Oct. 27, 2004)
  9. There are a lot of people who understand and remember the great Democrat tradition of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman and John Kennedy of standing strong in times of crisis. As the Mayor puts it, he didn't leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party under John Kerry left him. (Oct. 28, 2004)
  10. There's a lot of Democrats that are for my candidacy. There's a lot of people around this country who know that the Democrat Party has left them. (Oct. 28, 2004)
  11. Listen, there are a lot of Democrats supporting my candidacy. There may be some here. You know the Democrat Party left you, you didn't leave it. (Oct. 31, 2004)
  12. I appreciate you. That's the problem. That's the issue. It's the issue confronting people in the Democrat Party, issue people confronting in the Republican Party. And the fundamental question in Washington, D.C. is, is there the political will to do what's right. (May 19, 2005)
  13. I think it's time for the leadership in the Democrat Party to start laying out ideas. (Jun. 23, 2005)
  14. Just got to keep asking for the vote. First of all, the Republican Party should never take a vote for granted, and neither should the Democrat Party. (Oct. 4, 2005)
  15. I'll do my best to work in the Congress, and the Panamanian government understands that once we get an agreement, that ministers and friends and allies of Panama will go work the Congress. And one area that we need to make progress on is with the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is a free for many sessions was a free trade party. Not totally, but they had let me rephrase that the Democrat Party had free trade members who are willing to make the right decisions based not on politics, but based on what's best for the interest of the country. (Nov. 7, 2005)
  16. I did notice that nobody from the Democrat Party has actually stood up and called for getting rid of the terrorist surveillance program. (Mar. 21, 2006)
  17. And now the people of Montana are going to be facing a decision as to whether or not they want their taxes to go up, or stay low. You see, the Democrat Party showed its true colors during the tax debate. Time in and time out, they voted against cutting the taxes on the American people. (Mar. 27, 2006)
  18. I want to remind you, when we cut taxes on American families, we cut taxes on everybody who pays taxes. We cut taxes on the small businesses of America, we cut taxes on dividends, we cut taxes on capital gains. We've put the death tax on the road to extinction. And that stands in stark contrast to the Democrat Party. (May 17, 2006)
  19. I remember campaigning for my dad in 1964. He was running against yes, good old boy. And he said, your job is to go tell him you'll pass out the literature in the courthouse. Then I got in the courthouse and, of course, it was completely empty. The courthouses were dominated in those days by the Democrat Party. (May 19, 2006)
  20. There's an interesting debate in the Democrat Party about how quick to pull out of Iraq. (Jun. 14, 2006)
  21. What matters is that in this campaign that we clarify the different point of view. And there are a lot of people in the Democrat Party who believe that the best course of action is to leave Iraq before the job is done, period. And they're wrong. (Aug. 21, 2006)
  22. There is a difference of opinion in Washington. If you listen closely to some of the leaders of the Democrat Party, it sounds like it sounds like they think the best way to protect the American people is, wait until we're attacked again. (Oct. 2, 2006)
  23. Make no mistake about it. The Democrat Party is anxious to get their hands on your money. (Oct. 3, 2006)
  24. I strongly believe that we've got to give our folks the tools necessary to protect you. In this case, Senate Democrats, key members of the Democrat Party tried to kill a bill that would have given people the tools necessary to protect you. (Oct. 4, 2006)
  25. Oh, they can talk good talk. But when it came time to vote, the American people can see exactly where the Democrat Party stands in protecting this country. (Oct. 4, 2006)
  26. It's interesting, if you look at the history of tax cuts, the Democrat Party always didn't always feel the way they feel today. ...More than 70 percent of the United States senators from the Democrat Party voted to take away this vital tool in the war on terror. We just have a different point of view, a different look at the world. ...You know, the Democrat Party made a clear statement about the nature of their party when it came to how they dealt with Senator Joe Lieberman. He's a three-term Democrat from Connecticut who supports completing the mission in Iraq. He took a strong, principled stand, and he was purged from the Democrat Party. (Oct. 19, 2006)
  27. Six years ago, the Democrats thought Joe Lieberman was good enough to run for Vice President of the United States. Now, because he supports victory in Iraq, they don't think he's fit to be in their party. There's only one position in the Democrat Party that everybody seems to agree on. If you want to be a Democrat these days, you can be for almost anything, but victory in Iraq is not an option. (Oct. 19, 2006)
  28. There is a difference of opinion between what we ought to be doing with your money, see. There are people in the Democrat Party who think they can spend your money far better than you can. ...It is interesting what's happened to the Democrat Party. I'm reading a lot of history these days, and I read about Franklin Roosevelt, who was strong in his confrontation of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. ...And then something began to change. In 1972, the Democrats nominated a presidential candidate who declared, "I don't like communism, but I don't think we have any great obligation to save the world from it." It was a it began a slow shift of philosophy in the Democrat Party. ...Fortunately, in the 1980s, America had a Republican President who saw things differently. Ronald Reagan declared, "My theory of the Cold War is that we win and they lose." By this time the Democrat Party did not share his optimism, or his strategy for victory. ...The Democrat Party, that has evolved from one that was confident in its capacity to help deal with the problems of the world to one that is doubting, today still has an approach of doubt and defeat. ...We have a difference of opinion. And that's why I have said that the Democrat Party, the party that where some leaders have said we shouldn't spend another dime on Iraq, others have said get out now. Others said get out in a couple of months that's why they are the party of cut and run. (Oct. 20, 2006)
  29. You listen to the rhetoric of the leaders of the Democrat Party. They have a different view than I do about whether or not this is a global war on terror. (Oct. 26, 2006)
  30. Time and time again, when she [Nancy Pelosi] and the Democrat Party had an opportunity to show their love for tax cuts, they voted no. (Oct. 28, 2006)
  31. Now, during this campaign the Washington Democrats really don't want you to know their plans. As a matter of fact, the top Democrat leader in the House made an interesting declaration. She said, we love tax cuts. But given her record, she must be a secret admirer. ...Time and time again, when she and the Democrat Party had an opportunity to show their love for tax cuts, they voted no. If that's the Democrats' idea of love, I sure wouldn't want to see what hate looks like. ...Here's what this person and the leaders of the Democrat Party in Washington seem to not understand. Iraq is not the reason the terrorists are at war against us. (Oct. 30, 2006)
  32. I thought it was illustrative to listen to a United States Senator from the Democrat Party say last week, we haven't coalesced around a single plan, but we're in a general agreement on basic principles. (Oct. 31, 2006)
  33. Time and time again, when she [Nancy Pelosi] and the Democrat party had a chance to show their love they voted, no. If that's their idea of love I sure would hate I'd hate to see what hate looks like. (Nov. 2, 2006)
  34. On these issues, the Democrat party has adopted a clear strategy of opposition and obstruction. Recently the House Democrat leader explained the advice she's been following since I was reelected in 2004. She said, you must take him down. That him would be me. One newspaper described her approach as scorched earth strategy for refusing to negotiate with the GOP. Now I want you to think about that. Think about that kind of vision. It's a sad commentary on the Democrat party that its leaders have resorted to knee-jerk opposition as their guiding principle. (Nov. 5, 2006)
  35. Yesterday, the people went to the polls and they cast their vote for a new direction in the House of Representatives. And while the ballots are still being counted in the Senate, it is clear the Democrat Party had a good night last night, and I congratulate them on their victories. (Nov. 8, 2006)
  36. Listen, the immigration debate is a tough debate. I'm under no illusions about how hard it is. There are people in my party that don't want a comprehensive bill. There are people in the Democrat Party that don't seem to want a comprehensive bill. (Jun. 11, 2007)
  37. I thought the ad was disgusting. I felt like the ad was an attack not only on General Petraeus, but on the U.S. military. And I was disappointed that not more leaders in the Democrat Party spoke out strongly against that kind of ad. (Sep. 20, 2007)
  38. Most Americans feel overtaxed, and I promise you the Democrat Party is going to field a candidate who says I'm going to raise your tax. (Feb. 10, 2008)
  39. What's going to matter is not the past, but the future when it comes to campaigns and if the Democrat Party feels like they can win an election by focusing on me, I think they'll be making a huge tactical mistake. (Feb. 10, 2008)
  40. I think we're going to get a good bipartisan bill and so I applaud those Democrats. I'm not going after those Democrats. But there is a big part of the Democrat Party that is against giving our intelligence officers the tools necessary to protect America. (Feb. 10, 2008)
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