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I appreciate the Governor of this great state and his wife, Sue. I'm proud to call you friend, and thank you very much for your thoughtfulness today. The Governor gave me a helicopter tour of this beautiful part of the world. The tall ships were magnificent.
Dubya again chooses to describe a part of his own country as if it were far away overseas, Newport, Rhode Island, Jun. 28, 2007

You can see here on the map, Anbar is a largely Sunni province that accounts for nearly a third of Iraqi territory. It's a big place. Anbar stretches from the outskirts of Baghdad to Iraq's borders with Jordan and Syria. It was al Qaeda's chief base of operations in Iraq. Remember, when I mention al Qaeda, they're the ones who attacked the United States of America and killed nearly 3,000 people on September the 11th, 2001. They're part of the enemy.
And remember, they weren't in Anbar Province, or anywhere in Iraq, until after the U.S. invaded Iraq. Newport, Rhode Island, Jun. 28, 2007

I strongly believe the people of Cuba ought to live in a free society. It's in our interests that Cuba become free and it's in the interests of the Cuban people that they don't have to live under an antiquated form of government that has just been repressive. So we'll continue to press for freedom on the island of Cuba. One day, the good Lord will take Fidel Castro away.
I guess you have to give him credit for wearing his heart on his sleeve, Newport, Rhode Island, Jun. 28, 2007

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