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This system can now defend America against limited missile attacks from Northeast Asia. Concluded agreements with Poland and Czech Republic, to establish missile defense sites on their territories, to help protect against ballissile-missile attacks from the Middle East. 'Cause we acted, America now has an initial capability protect our people from a ballistic missile attack.
It's worth listening to the quote just to hear Dubya say ballissile-missile... West Point, New York, Dec. 9, 2008

The results of these efforts are unfolding slowly and unevenly, but there are encouraging signs. From Iraq and Afghanistan to Lebanon and Pakistan, voters defied the terrorists to cast their ballots in free elections. In places like Iraq's Anbar province, people have seen what life under the Taliban looks like and they decided they want no part it actually, it was life under al Qaeda looks like.
At least he caught himself, West Point, New York, Dec. 9, 2008

The battle in Iraq has been longer and more difficult than expected. Foreign terrorists, former regime elements, and Iraqi insurgents, often with outside support, combined to drive up violence, and bring the country to the verge of chaos. So we adopted a new strategy, and raather than retreating, sent more troops into Baghdad, in Iraq. And when the surge met its objective, we began to bring our troops home under a policy of return on success. Last week, Iraq approved two agreements that formalize diplomatic and economic and security ties with America, and set a framework for the drawdowing of American forces as the fight in Iraq nears a successful end. Fourth, America recognized the only way to defeat the terrorists in the long run is to present an alternative to their hite hateful ideology. So when we overthoo the dictators in Afghanistan and Iraq, we refused to take the easy option and instill friendly strongmen in their place.
Some interesting Dubya-only pronunciations, which may also explain the usage of "instill" instead of "install", West Point, New York, Dec. 9, 2008

We also took a hard look at the danger posed by Iraq, a country that combined support for terror, the development and the use of weapons of mass destruction, violence against its own people, aggression against its neighbors, hostility to the United States, and ss systemic violation of United Nations resolutions.
The White House transcript went with "systematic" — which would have been correct, even though it isn't what Dubya said. West Point, New York, Dec. 9, 2008

We reorganized our intelligence community to better neet the needs of war against these terrorists, including increasing the number of intelligence officers.
Dubya creates a tongue twister for himself where most folks probably wouldn't have faltered, West Point, New York, Dec. 9, 2008

We have captured or killed hundreds of al Qaeda leaders and operatives in more than two dozen countries including the man who mastermined the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
That's right: Not masterminded... mastermined. West Point, New York, Dec. 9, 2008

Free markets allowed Japan, an island with few natural resources, to recover from war and grow into the world's second-largest economy.
Japan is not a single island, but an archipelago comprising a massive chain of islands. New York, New York, Nov. 13, 2008

There are clear-cut ways for nations to demonstrate the commitment to open markets. The United States Congress has an immediate opportunity by approving free trade agreements with Colombia, Peru, and South Korea.
The White House website kindly noted that the country he was looking for there was Panama, New York, New York, Nov. 13, 2008

Clearly, this guy is going to bring a great sense of family to the White House. And I hope Laura and I did the same thing.
"This guy" is President-elect Barack Obama. Dubya's always one to class things up... New York, New York, Nov. 11, 2008

As yesterday's positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured.
Not surprisingly, the White House initially elected to leave this mistake out of the official transcript. New York, New York, Sep. 26, 2007

In this global economy, new competition means that American businesses must constantly approve.
Incredibly, the official White House transcript noted this mistake, incidicating that he was supposed to say "improve". New York, New York, Jan. 31, 2007

So, welcome to Washington, D.C. I think this is our fifth visit. Every time, I've left our visits inspired by your vision.
Welcome offered to President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, New York, New York, Sep. 20, 2006

The goals of this country is to enhance prosperity and peace.
Grammar goes out the door again, in the White House Conference on Global Literacy, New York, New York, Sep. 18, 2006

I want to thank all the teachers. I want to thank the superintendent. I want to thank all the folks who care a lot about making sure the kids get educated here in this part of the world.
He just can't avoid using this phrase, Greece, New York, May 24, 2005

If you've retired, you don't have anything to worry about. The third time I've said that. I'll probably say it three more times, see, in my line of work you gotta keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kinda catapult the propaganda.
Truth... Propaganda... Pretty much the same thing as far as Dubya is concerned. A surprisingly candid statement, though... Greece, New York, May 24, 2005

DUBYA: First thing is, is there any doubt in your mind that you're going to get your check?
MRS. CEGLINSKI: I'm getting my check, and it's wonderful.
DUBYA: They're still coming.
MRS. CEGLINSKI: It's still coming. And I'm planning on it for a while yet.
DUBYA: Well, you need to, yes. Heading toward 80.
MRS. CEGLINSKI: That's right.
DUBYA: Right around the corner. You look great.
MRS. CEGLINSKI: Thank you very much.
DUBYA: You look like 100 to me. That's where you're going to be. Thirty more years?
Exchange staged to assure retirees that they'll keep receiving their Social Security checks, even if their children and grandchildren probably won't, and embellished upon in true Dubya fashion, Greece, New York, May 24, 2005

Here's the way the system works. Two folks work, they both contribute to the Social Security system. If one dies early, the thees, the spouse, the remaining spouse gets to choose her benefits or his benefits, which are ever greater, but not both. Think about that system.
In case you might think this is an isolated flub, let us assure you it isn't. Greece, New York, May 24, 2005

So that's how I view the 59th session of the U.N. General Assembly. It's an honor to be here. It's great to see mis amigos, my friends.
I don't know why Dubya had to toss a Spanish phrase into an address given to a multinational audience of various heads of state, but there it is. New York, New York, Sep. 22, 2004

Senator Kerry opposed Medicare reform and health savings accounts. After supporting my education reforms, he now wants to tilute them.
Don't worry, they transcribed it as "dilute" in the official White House transcript, Republican National Convention, New York, New York, Sep. 2, 2004

Like generations before us, we have a calling from beyond the stars to stand for freedom.
Eerie... Republican National Convention, New York, New York, Sep. 2, 2004

See, when they say, Deputy Attorney General, it means he's the number two guy at the Justice Department. He's the chief he was the chief operating officer of the Justice Department. He was there when he heard the command given that we're at war.
Apparently Dubya can just command us into war. Whatever happened to Congress declaring war? And what's the deal with defining the meaning of Deputy Attorney General for everyone? Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

Let me let me say something about the FBI. Pete's boss is Bob Mueller. He's now the Director of the FBI. Mueller is doing a fabulous job.
Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

There is no doubt in my mind that this country cannot achieve any objective we put our mind to.
Oops. Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

Frank was a paratrooper. In those days you could measure the enemy by the number of battalions and number of tanks and number of airplanes. Now the enemy hides in caves. They lurch in the shadows of the world.
They lurch? Ummm, okay. Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

The enemy can't stand the thought of free societies. That's why they attacked us, see.
Dubya's starting to sound like he's been watching old gangster movies, Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

Roving wiretaps were available for chasing down drug lords. They weren't available for chasing down terrorists, see?
See what I mean? Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

Thirdly, to give you an example of what we're talking about, there's something called delayed notification warrants. Those are very important. I see some people, first responders nodding their heads about what they mean.
Close enough, I guess. Buffalo, New York, Apr. 20, 2004

We can outcompete with anybody.
We can? Cool. Bay Shore, New York, Mar. 11, 2004

And one of the most fantastic aspects about our society, and frankly, it's the entrepreneurial spirit that we're heralding today that is enabling us to overcome a lot of obstacles.
Don't worry, he never bothered getting back to naming that fantastic aspect, Bay Shore, New York, Mar. 11, 2004

The march to war hurt the economy. Laura reminded me a while ago that remember what was on the TV screens she calls me, "George W." "George W." I call her, "First Lady." No, anyway she said, we said, march to war on our TV screen.
I'm going to need some medication if I want to make sense of this, Bay Shore, New York, Mar. 11, 2004

There's two things I want to share with you on that. One, there's nothing better than a society which encourages people to own something, isn't there? Either to own your own business how about the fact that this is a fellow who is born in El Salvador, comes here to our country, and now owns his own home. Isn't that one of the spectacular aspects?
Needless to say, Dubya never made it back to the second thing he wanted to share with everyone, Bay Shore, New York, Mar. 11, 2004

I especially want to say a word of phrase to Kofi Annan, who is the Secretary General of the United Nations, for his for his strong leadership and his good heart and his decency. I enjoy working with him a lot. He's a class act, as we say in the State of Texas.
Dubya once again laying claim on a common expression on behalf of the State of Texas, New York, New York, Sep. 12, 2002

Yet we do know that God has placed us together in this moment, to grieve together, to stand together, to serve each other and our country.
We know this because President Reverend Dubya tells us so, Ellis Island, New York, Sep. 11, 2002

Our deepest national conviction is that every life is precious, because every life is the gift of a creator who intended us to live in liberty and equality.
Dubya managing to twist the intentions of the Creator into whatever satisifies the purposes of his (overtly religious) speech, Ellis Island, New York, Sep. 11, 2002

Yet when a company uses deception deception accounting to hide reality, executives should lose all their compensation all their compensation gained by the deceit.
Dubya coins a new phrase here: "deception accounting", New York, New York, Jul. 9, 2002

I like to tell people, Laura and I are proud to be Texas own a Texas ranch, and for us, every day is Earth Day.
"Proud to be Texas", Wilmington, New York, Apr. 22, 2002

The other thing the volunteers do is they welcome people here, for this is the people's land. This isn't one person's land, it's the people's land, and foreign visitors about the mountain so they can enjoy their time and leave only footprints behind.
Whiteface Mountain Lodge, Wilmington, New York, Apr. 22, 2002

He's the kind of fellow who does in office that which he says he's going to do. It doesn't matter what your political party is, as far as I'm concerned. What matters is in this case, what matters is he does he kind of defeats cynicism by performing. And therefore, what I was going to say is, it doesn't matter what your party is, you've got to admire that in a man.
Some extemporaneous fumbling in reference to New York Governor George Pataki, Wilmington, New York, Apr. 22, 2002

This nation is in the process, I believe, of ushering in a period where we said each of us are responsible for the decisions we make in life.
New York, New York, Feb. 6, 2002

Listen, we're a great nation. We welcome people in. We just want to know why you're here. And if you're not supposed to be here more than a period of time, then maybe you ought to just go on home.
Rolling out the welcome mat, New York, New York, Feb. 6, 2002

I also am so pleased and thrilled to be with my friend, the Governor, who is doing a fabulous job for the people of New York.
New York, New York, Nov. 11, 2001

I didn't know then that New Yorkers could wave with all of their fingers.
Demonstrating his winning charm and compassion after throwing out the first pitch of Game 3 of the World Series, New York, New York, Oct. 30, 2001

I believe I think you ought to ask the I wish you could have heard the discussion we had. Let me put it to you that way, where I believe people around this table, for example, believe it's important to be aggressive on the front end, that the risk-reward ratio is beneficial to be more aggressive on the front end. And obviously, we agree with that.
Agreeing with something, I'm just not sure what. New York, New York, Oct. 3, 2001

This is an impressive crowd, the haves and the have mores. Some people call you the elite. I call you my base.
Dubya wears his heart on his sleeve at the Alfred E. Smith memorial dinner, New York, New York, Oct. 19, 2000

If the terriers and bariffs are torn down, this economy will grow.
Meaning to say "barriers and tariffs", Rochester, New York, Jan. 17, 2000

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