Quotes - What's in a Name? (2006)
(An abundance of terms, abbreviations and names... all messed up)
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He stood not far from here, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. With thousands gathered around him, Dr. King looked out over the American capital and declared his famous words: I have a dream. His dream spread a message of hope that echoed from his hometown of Sweet Auburn, Georgia, to the pulpit of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, to the Edmund Pettus Bridge. An assassin's bullet could not shatter the dream. Dr. Meth King's message of justice and brotherhood took hold in the hearts of men and women across the great land of ours.
When you listed to the audio, you don't exactly walk away with the feeling that Dubya has a lot of passion for making this speech. "Meth King" is an added bonus. Washington, D.C., Nov. 13, 2006

This campaign only ends after the voters have had a chance to speak. No doubt in my mind, with your help, Dave Lamberti will be the next United States congressman.
That would be Jeff Lamberti... And lack of doubts notwithstanding, he wasn't elected to Congress. Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 26, 2006

MARIA BARTIROMO (CNBC): I'm curious, have you ever Googled anybody? Do you use Google?
DUBYA: Uhh, occasionally. One of the things I've used on The Google is, uhh, to pull up maps.
The Google, available on the Internets. White House, Oct. 23, 2006

So, welcome to Washington, D.C. I think this is our fifth visit. Every time, I've left our visits inspired by your vision.
Welcome offered to President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, New York, New York, Sep. 20, 2006

The information that the Central Intelligence Agency has obtained by questioning men like Khaleikh Sheikh Mohammed has provided valuable information and has helped disrupt terrorist plots, including strikes within the United States. For example, Khaleikh Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry 'em out.
There's nothing quite like information that provides valuable information... It would have been nice if Dubya had gotten Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's name right, though. White House, Sep. 15, 2006

You see, sometimes you can pick up information on the battlefield, sometimes you can pick it up, you know, through letters, but sometimes you actually have to question the people who know the strategy and plans of the enemy. And in this case, we questioned people like Khaleikh Sheikh Muhammad, who we believe ordered the attacks on 9/11.
Once again, Dubya has problems saying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. White House, Sep. 15, 2006

I look forward to talking to President Musharraf. Look, he doesn't like al Qaeda. They tried to kill him. And we've had a good record of bringing people to justice inside of Pakistan, because the Paks are in the lead.
The Paks? I guess that's a half-step up from Pakis. White House, Sep. 15, 2006

Yo, Blair. How are you doing?
Dubya's way of getting British Prime Minister Tony Blair's attention at the G8 conference, St. Petersburg, Russia, Jul. 17, 2006

It's a pleasure to get out of Washington, to spend some time in the real center of the universe. It's good to be with the men and women of the 8th Airborne Corps and the quiet professionals of the Army Special Operations Command.
Dubya thanking the men and women of the 82nd Airborne Division on Independence Day, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Jul. 4, 2006

There's an interesting debate in the Democrat Party about how quick to pull out of Iraq.
For some reason, he has a hard time adding "ic" here. White House, Jun. 14, 2006

We now know that in October 2001, Khalid Shaykh Muhammad the mastermind of the September the 11th attacks had already set in motion a plan to have terrorist operatives hijack an airplane using shoe bombs to breach the cockpit door, and fly the plane into the tallest building on the West Coast. We believe the intended target was Liberty Tower in Los Angeles, California.
The funny part is that there is no Liberty Tower in Los Angeles. The threatened building was the U.S. Bank Tower, formerly known as the Library Tower. The not so funny part is that the White House never shared this information with the Mayor's office in Los Angeles. Mayor Villaraigosa learned about it after hearing this speech on TV. Washington, D.C., Feb. 9, 2006

There are SBA loans for this. And I understand for some the word SBA means Slow Bureaucratic Paperwork. I hear it loud and clear.
Are you sure you heard it loud and clear, Dubya? You're spelling out SBP. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, Jan. 12, 2006

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