Quotes - Dubya the Theologian (2007)
(Blurring the line between president and preacher)
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REPORTER: So what about Iraq? Can France, for instance, help to get out of the Iraqi quagmire? And President Bush, where do you stand on Iraq and your domestic debate on Iraq? Do you have a timetable for withdrawing troops?
DUBYA: I don't you know, quagmire is an interesting word. If you lived in Iraq and had lived under a tyranny, you'd be saying, God, I love freedom because that's what's happened.
I wonder if the Iraqis would also praise God for the random killings, kidnappings, political instability, power outages, dismal standards of living and rampant unemployment? Quagmire is an interesting word. Mount Vernon, Virginia, Nov. 7, 2007

I'm sorry it's under these circumstances that we have to be together. I hope our presence can help heal your hearts just a little bit.
Dubya proposes that by merely being in his presence, family members who have lost loved ones in Iraq may have their hearts healed. That's kinda scary. Emmitsburg, Maryland, Oct. 7, 2007

I believe in that old Texas adage, if you don't stand for something, you don't believe in anything. And I believe in some certain principles that I hold inviolate, such as, there is an Almighty, and a great gift of that Almighty to each man, woman and child on the face of Earth is liberty and freedom.
As long as Dubya doesn't use his office to enforce that inviolate belief, I guess we'll be okay. And as for the Texas adage, the best guess is that Dubya was aiming for the not-specific-to-Texas adage: "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jul. 26, 2007

We believe in an Almighty, we believe in the freedom for people to worship that Almighty. They don't.
Actually, it may surprise you to learn that some Americans don't believe in an Almighty, Dubya... Martinsburg, West Virginia, Jul. 4, 2007

I believe liberty is universal. I don't believe it is just for the United States of America alone. I believe there is an Almighty, and I believe the Almighty's gift to people worldwide is the desire to be free.
Dubya brings back a familiar refrain once again, Fort Irwin, California, Apr. 4, 2007

We can never replace lives, and we can't heal hearts, except through prayer.
Dubya unabashedly narrows the list of valid healing methods to one, Enterprise, Alabama, Mar. 3, 2007

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