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(In case you were wondering, the damage doesn't stop at the border...)
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Uh, Mr. Prime Minister, thank you for your introduction. Thank you for being such a uhh, a fine host for the OPEC summit.
Dubya at the APEC Business Summit. Although he corrected himself moments later, the initial mistake speaks volumes... Sydney, Australia, Sep. 7, 2007

We're givin' this young democracy the chance. It's in our interest to do so because, as John Howard accurately noted when he went to thank the Austrian troops there last year.
The White House chose to inaccurately note in its transcript that Dubya said "Australian", but indeed he said "Austrian"... Sydney, Australia, Sep. 7, 2007

[One of] the two most dangerous terrorist networks in this region are a group called Jemai-Islai-a-may-ah, or JI.
Dubya's attempt at saying "Jemaah Islamiyah". Perhaps he should have just stuck to saying JI. Sydney, Australia, Sep. 7, 2007

One reason one meets is to reconfirm friendships, is to make sure that not only at the leaders' level is there conversations taking place that are friendly, but that that spirit translates throughout our governments.
Singular? Plural? Always confusing for Dubya. Montebello, Canada, Aug. 21, 2007

I told you the other day at a press conference I don't know if you were there or not but if you don't believe it's in American interests to be there, you won't find any political reconciliation that is that is worth defending. If you do think it's in our interests, our security interests, then you'll be able to see political reconciliation taking place, some at the top and some at the bottom.
If you believe, then you can see what Dubya sees. Sounds sort of like a cult. Montebello, Canada, Aug. 21, 2007

This process has been drug out a long time, which says to me it's political.
This grammar in the sentence above says to me that Dubya's degrees from Yale and Harvard should be viewed with extreme skepticism. Sofia, Bulgaria, Jun. 11, 2007

REPORTER: Thank you, Mr. President. Yesterday you called for a deadline for U.N. action on Kosovo. When would you like that deadline set? ...
DUBYA: Thanks. A couple of points on that. First of all, I don't think I called for a deadline. I thought I said, time I did? What exactly did I say? I said deadline? Okay, yes, then I meant what I said.
Dubya provides "clarity" on his position regarding a deadline for establishing an independent nation of Kosovo, Tirana, Albania, Jun. 10, 2007

REPORTER: The Pope has said Iraq was worrisome.
DUBYA: Yes, he's worrisome about the Christians inside Iraq being mistreated by the Muslim majority.
I am worried about Dubya's worrisome tendency to botch the English language, Rome, Italy, Jun. 9, 2007

Bush goes to Hel. That's what a lot of people want.
Dubya's off-the-cuff comment to reporters about his visit to the Hel Peninsula in Poland, Gdansk, Poland, Jun. 8, 2007

REPORTER: Will you give any ground on the two-degree target that she [German Chancellor Angela Merkel] wants?
DUBYA: No, I talked about what I'm for. Remember? I said I'm for sitting together with the nations to sit down and discuss a way forward. I think when people really look at what I've said, they say, well, that's an interesting way to bridge the difference between what China has said, for example, and what others in Europe have said.
Apparently this is Dubya's idea of give and take... Heiligendamm, Germany, Jun. 6, 2007

President Calderón is taking a tough stand against organized crime and drugs, and I appreciate that. I made it very clear to the President that I recognize the United States has a responsibility in the fight against drugs. And one major responsibility is to encourage people to use less drugs.
Yes, drug use isn't the problem... excessive drug use is. Mérida, Mexico, Mar. 14, 2007

Mr. President, thanks. Your press conferences are nice. I appreciate the Brazilian press for coming. Glad the American press behaved okay. Be careful, they may spend a lot of time at the bars around here.
Dubya goes on a charm offensive in Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil, Mar. 9, 2007

I'm sure most people here in South America don't understand the United States has doubled our bilateral aid to countries in Central and South America since I've been the President. It's gone from $800 million to $1.6 billion last year. And I say that not to just brag about dollars, but it's a starting point for people to understand this nation is committed to this prospect: A prosperous neighborhood is in the interests of the United States. A peaceful neighborhood is in our interests.
Ignorant people of Central and South America, pay attention. You must understand that our monetary largesse is purely motivated by self-interest. São Paulo, Brazil, Mar. 9, 2007

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