Quotes - Dubya on Education (2002)
(Giving ample evidence of the need for an improved education system)
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There's no second-rate children in Arizona. There's no second-rate children in America.
Quick English lesson: "there's" = "there is" = Dubya's grammar is wrong in a pronouncement that all children deserve a first-rate education, Phoenix, Arizona, Sep. 28, 2002

As we work to keep the peace we've also got to work to make America a better place for all of us. I mean every single citizen. That means we've got to have an education system that is next to none.
Or one that is "second to none", maybe, Denver, Colorado, Sep. 27, 2002

It's very important for the school children here to listen to what I'm about to say. You're probably wondering why America is under attack. And you need to know why. We're under attack because we love freedom, is why we're under attack. And our enemy hates freedom. They hate and we love. They hate the thought that this country is a country in which people from all walks of life can worship an almighty God any way he or she fits.
Still going with this meaningless explanation, and inappropriately throwing the Almighty into the mix as usual, Trenton, New Jersey, Sep. 23, 2002

American children are not born knowing what they should cherish are not born knowing why they should cherish American values. A love of democratic principles must be taught.
I guess "these truths" are not "self-evident" after all. Rather than government deriving its just powers from the consent of those governed, it assures its power through training children to "love democracy". Scary. White House, Sep. 17, 2002

We didn't need any more theory in Washington. We needed people that actually done.
On his selection of Secretary of Education Rod Paige, East Literature Magnet School, Nashville, Tennessee, Sep. 17, 2002

Especially important in a time of war that our children understand the context of why we fight.
Equally important that the President speaks in coherent English in front of our children, East Literature Magnet School, Nashville, Tennessee, Sep. 17, 2002

Across America today, Americans are reciting 31 world words that help define our country. In once sentence we affirm our form of government, our belief in human dignity, our unity as a people, and our reliance on Providence. And this pledge takes on a special meaning in a time of war. Our enemies hate these words. That's what you've got to understand. They hate the words, and they want to erase them. We're determined to stand for these words, and live them out in our lives. Our allegiance has never been stronger. We've never been more determined. And we must work to teach our children to love our nation as much as we do.
And if you don't agree with him on the propriety of the wording of the Pledge of Allegiance and the import of its daily rote recitation, you, my friend, are an un-American, un-Christian terrorist, East Literature Magnet School, Nashville, Tennessee, Sep. 17, 2002

And I don't need to tell that to the people of this room, but there is a some in our country uh, believe in the, what I call the soft bigotry of low expectations. They don't believe in the bigotry, but because there's low expectations, there is a soft bigotry.
Dubya seems to save some of his most inept moments for talking about education, White House, Sep. 4, 2002

It's the systems that don't test are those that quit on the kids.
I wonder if Dubya's schools tested him... White House, Sep. 4, 2002

[Arkansas and Alabama] don't need fancy theories, or what may sound good. Science is not an art I mean, reading is not an art. It's a science. We know what works.
Nothing fancy. Just do as Dubya says. White House, Sep. 4, 2002

I figured if [Rod Paige] could handle the Houston Independent School District, the Department of Education was nothing.
I'm not sure what he's trying to say about Houston, but it has a backhanded Dubya ring to it, Little Rock, Arkansas, Aug. 29, 2002

But today I want to talk about what we're creating in Arkansas, called the Center for State Scholars... and the catalyst will be what they call the Business Roundtable. ... They start interviewing children in 8th grade about their ambitions, and explaining reality. If you don't have any ambitions, the minimum wage job isn't going to get you to where you want to get.
If you don't have any ambitions, a minimum wage job sounds about right to me, Little Rock, Arkansas, Aug. 29, 2002

He's got his priorities straight. He has faith foremost in his life, and his family are his two priorities. ...And his first priority his first priority is to make sure every child in this state gets educated.
An explanation that grows increasingly confused, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Aug. 29, 2002

If you believe every child can learn, therefore we ought to know whether that's the case.
Pickering for Congress Luncheon, Jackson, Mississippi, Aug. 7, 2002

In the way they're kind of writing it right now out of the Senate Finance Committee, some people could spend their entire five years on welfare - there's a five-year work requirement - going to college. Now, that's not my view of helping people become independent, and it's certainly not my view of understanding the importance of work and helping people achieve the dignity necessary so they can live a free life, free from government control.
Dubya extolling the virtues of a college education in front of an audience of high school students, West Ashley High School, Charleston, South Carolina, Jul. 29, 2002

Steve [Riggs, volunteer with the South Carolina Military Department,] believes it's important to teach history live history, or history that through people wearing uniforms, so they can see history come to life.
Dubya unveils some historic comments, West Ashley High School, Charleston, South Carolina, Jul. 29, 2002

When we were walking in, Bob was telling me how proud he is of Hope and the job she does, particularly to promote literacy. And I told him, I'm real proud of my wife, too.
Apparently the First Lady's literacy outreach doesn't stretch to the Oval Office, Columbus, Ohio, May 10, 2002

We have just passed historic reform in Washington, D.C., education reform. It may be hard for you to believe, but there are, at moments, when Republicans and Democrats come together for the good of the nation.
Remarks at Taft for Governor Luncheon, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Columbus, Ohio, May 10, 2002

I appreciate Thomas Downs, who's your superintendent. Interestingly enough, he showed me a picture of he and my dad when he was I think a teacher, he said in Iowa.
Giving a speech on education at Logan High School, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, May 8, 2002

You're the first high school class to have graduated with America under attack.
Again asserting an incorrect historical fact, see Repeat Offender for more information, and more instances of this assertion, Rufus King High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 8, 2002

I want to thank your Governor for traveling with me today. It's an honor to be in a presence who has made public education his top priority.
Dubya is in a presence, Rufus King High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 8, 2002

It's important for you all to understand that when our country speaks, that we mean it, and we do what we say. I said either you're with us or you're against us. I meant that.
Seemingly giving an ultimatim to the high schoolers he's addressing, Rufus King High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 8, 2002

We've got to trust the local people. We've got to trust the Andys, the teachers here. We've got to trust the Keiths, the principals all across the parents.
I can't get enough of this... Rufus King High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 8, 2002

With all due respect to the cameras, I hope you read more than you watch TV.
Puzzling. Clarke Street Elementary School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 8, 2002

And, finally, in order to go to college, to meet the goal you've set, make sure you make right choices. Tell them, no, when somebody tries to say drugs are cool, or alcohol is good. Make the right choices. You'll be in college, and that's what we want.
Starts out statement with one set of priorities (what children want), and replaces them with another at the end (what he wants), Clarke Street Elementary School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 8, 2002

[Local school districts] have a responsibility to reject curriculum that do not work.
Curriculum is a singular noun, of course, so again we have problem, Vandenberg Elementary School, Southfield, Michigan, May 6, 2002

The people who care more about the Iowa children when it comes to education, are Iowans, not people in Washington, D.C.
According to Dubya, the federal government doesn't care about Iowa's school childern. Maybe he knows something we don't. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Apr. 15, 2002

Sometimes when I sleep at night I think of "Hop on Pop."
From now on, when I sleep at night, I'm going to have to think of Dubya thinking of "Hop on Pop", and get really scared, Pennsylvania State University, Apr. 2, 2002

You can help by helping build one of these school chests. It doesn't matter how you do it, how you raise the money. Just get it done.
If you take him at his word, drug dealing, prostitution, bank heists... all fine if you're helping to educate Afghan children, Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School, Alexandria, Virginia, Mar. 20, 2002

We need to know whether or not people are learning. And if they are, there will be hallelujahs all over the place.
Nice. University of New Hampshire, Jan. 8, 2002

I understand taking tests aren't fun.
Spoken like a true scholar, Hamilton High School, Hamilton, Ohio, Jan. 8, 2002

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