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I want my fellow citizens, if you're worried about your home, to call this number: 1-88-995-HOPE. Let me repeat that again. 1-88-995-HOPE.
Dubya finds yet another way to screw up the toll-free number for Hope Now. Freehold, New Jersey, Mar. 28, 2008

And this is a good test for them [the Iraqis]. And of course, routing out these folks who've burrowed in society, who take advantage of the ability to be criminals, or the ability to intimidate citizens, is going to take a while.
One of numerous instances where Dubya refers to terrorists/enemies as "folks". White House, Mar. 28, 2008

And so this [the war in Iraq] is vital for our national interests. And I'm confident we can succeed, unless we lose our nerve, unless we allow politics to get in the way of making the necessary decisions, which I have vowed to our military and our civilians in Iraq that that's not going to be the case so long as I'm the President.
As long as Dubya can categorically claim that politics had nothing to do with starting the war in the first place — and I can believe him when he says that — I can go along with this statement... White House, Mar. 28, 2008

STEVEN LEE MYERS (New York Times): Thank you, Mr. President. I wonder if you could talk a little bit more about Iraq and how it's you mentioned criminal elements that are being fought against now. How concerned are you that the violence now reflects, in fact, a deepening political and civil, even ethnic conflict inside of Iraq? How much now are American forces being drawn into the fighting in the last just few hours even? And how is it going to affect your decision looming on the way ahead? And if I could ask you both, please, to talk a little bit about the crackdown in Tibet and how you see that affecting relations with China. Thank you.
DUBYA: Any other subjects you want to wedge in there? Repeat some of those things. You had about five different things. I'm getting old, Steven. Wait a minute, look yes, I talked about criminal elements. And one of those things that's been well known is that Basra has been a place where criminality has thrived. It's a port, a lot of goods and services go through there. And there was from the beginning of liberation, there have been criminal elements that have had a pretty free hand in Basra. It was just a matter of time before the government was going to have to deal with it.... And so we are taking troops out, just like the Australians are, because we're being successful. And his question Steven Lee's question was, well, are you going to bring any further out? Not, are you going to bring any out; are you going to bring any further troops out from that which we committed to do earlier. And the answer is, it depends on what our commanders say, and the folks in Washington say, and it depends upon conditions on the ground. His real question was, have the conditions changed such that you believe your commander is going to make a different recommendation that he might have two days ago? And I can't answer that question.
Not only does he attribute a different question than what was asked him by the reporter, he also declines to answer it! White House, Mar. 28, 2008

Reading is the basics for all learning.
Announcing his "Reading First" initiative, Reston, Virginia, Mar. 28, 2000

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